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  • Snow Day

    Calling all TCKs who want to experience some typical Michigan winter sports! We’re having a TCK “Snow Day” on Saturday, February 9 at the Muskegon Winter Complex. While there are a variety of sport options to do there, the local’s

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  • Moving- more than just packing

    2019 is here! For many people this will be a year of transition. It will mean sorting and packing, painful goodbyes, anticipation, uncertainties about the future and much more. It means the loss of a place that has been home

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  • Interaction Central office is Relocating!

    As Michael Pollock has taken the reins of leadership of Interaction International, the central office is moving to Muskegon, Michigan while the office in Carol Stream will remain home to the finance office. Michael is joined in Muskegon by Megan

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  • Meet our New Executive Director

    Interaction International is pleased to announce that Michael Pollock has been named as its new Executive Director effective January 1, 2019. We are thankful for Michael’s service to the MK/TCK community worldwide and for the skills, abilities, experience, vision and

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