Transition Seminars

Transition Seminars

Transition Seminars

Transition Seminars

Transition Seminars

Transition Seminars exist to help TCKs ease the process of moving from one country and stage of life to another.  Everyone faces a similar process when they graduate from high school and move to college, but for the TCK this process is on steroids.   The kind that seem too powerful for mere mortals.

This year there are a number of in-person seminars being planned.  Each is unique in their own way, but they all share the same goal: resourcing TCKs as they journey from their life overseas to life in North America.  Take a look at each seminar.  While they are all similar, each has its own flavor.

Transit Lounge

Transit Lounge is a joint venture of Interaction International and Compass Ministries.  However, it is really two programs with the same name.  The session for younger teens--aged 12-16 who are Stateside for a limited time will be held July 28-31.  This program looks at what transition to America is like for those who are younger and don’t plan to stay indefinitely.  We will explore the expected elements of a cross-cultural transition as well as the unique elements experienced by younger adolescents.

Older teens those who are 17-21, can attend their own seminar August 1-7.  Again, the expected elements of a cross-cultural transition will be our main topic.  The seminar explores “the challenges, benefits, opportunities, and predictable processes of transition  . . . and how [a] TCK background provides an important foundation for the skills you will use throughout your life. ”

This year both seminars will be held in Fort Mountain, Georgia.  The cost for the 4 day program is $560.  Scholarships based on need are available; this scholarship will reduce the cost of the program to $295.  The cost for the 7 day program is $875. Needs based scholarships are also available for this program, reducing the cost to $525.  An early bird discount of $50 is being offered for all registrations before March 15.  Please direct your questions here.

MK ReEntry Seminar

The Narramore Christian Foundation holds MK ReEntry Seminar July 18-30 this year.  They will use the Biola University campus for this 12 day program aimed at TCKs who are high school graduates just returning to the USA or Canada.  The goal fo MK ReEntry Seminar is “to prepare you for North American life by helping you learn about who you are and about present day culture.” The cost for 2021 is $700, and the program is limited to 42 participants.  Debbie Hewitt is the program director.  She can be reached here.

MK Transition Seminar

Barnabas International will host a TCK/MK Transition Seminar at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio from July 4-16.  This program also costs $700.  Similarly, this program is also for TCKs/MKs who have just finished their high school experience overseas and are returning to the USA.  Here, you will find an emphasis on understanding your story.  In Cedarville, “you’ll find a safe place to understand, share, and live out your story as you embrace your past, understand the present, and build toward your future.”  Donna Messenger of Barnabas International is the program director.  You can reach her here.


Classic Reboot is a retreat offered by the MORE Network for teens who have lived cross-culturally and are returning to Canada.  This year they will offer two sessions.  The first will be held in Ontario July 9-16.  A The second is slated for Alberta July 30-August 6. This program “is a crash course about Canadian culture in a safe place specially designed to build relationships with others as part of easing the transition ‘home’ from the field.”  If you have questions, please visit their webpage or contact Classic Reboot here

Bottom Line

Transition Seminars are important for TCKs moving between worlds.  Spending a week or more with people who understand you and your situation is an invaluable investment in your present and  your future.  Those who can help you navigate your personally uncharted waters are lifesavers.  Transition happens.  No matter the program, we’re all here to help.


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