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  • a hesitant denial
    A Hesitant Denial

    The Ask Have you ever made a hesitant denial and had the outcome be better than you could have imagined?  This spring it happened for me. Micah wrote to me* a few week before he was scheduled to join me

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  • it absolutely matters
    It Absolutely Matters

    It absolutely matters, doesn’t it? Once in a while, I find myself in a place where I know what I do matters, but I wish I had proof that it absolutely matters. I felt that way as we wrapped up

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  • 1 Life Forever Changed
    1 Life Forever Changed

    Tanya – 1 Life Forever Changed One–count it, 1 life forever changed is no small thing.  Last week we received an email from Tanya. She told us we changed the course of her life. She did her student teaching with

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  • Van Reken Third Culture Kid Diagram
    2 Issues with the RVR Third Culture Model

    2 issues with the RVR Third Culture model   I believe there are 2 issues with the RVR Third Culture model.  Before we start to unpack them, I need to say a few things. I need to begin this post

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  • 6 Flawed TCK Diagrams
    6 Flawed TCK Diagrams

    These 6 flawed TCK diagrams are a pet peeve. Flawed Third Culture Kid (TCK) diagrams trigger me. I confess I get disturbed when individuals and organizations teach flawed diagrams of the TCK profile. I’m also a bit embarrassed to admit

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  • Third Culture Kid Definition
    Third Culture Kid Definition

    Third Culture Kid Definition The Third Culture Kid definition is both easy and difficult.  The words are easy to understand, but the concept is a little more difficult to wrap one’s mind around. We all know that the more precise

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