Looking for the New Right Fit–right now!

Looking for the Right Fit

Looking for the New Right Fit–right now!

Puzzle Shades of BlueLooking for the Right Fit–right now!

(Update – we have filled this position! Check here to see other open staffing positions)

Interaction International is looking for the right fit right now for our Office and Events Coordinator Position. Are you the right fit?

The Office and Events Coordinator needs to be highly organized and pay close attention to details. They also need to be able to juggle multiple details and events at any given time.

If you’re the right fit, you’ll usually make it look as easy as it can be.  In fact, “Easy peasy!” might just be your catchphrase.

Because everyone at Interaction International works remotely, the Office and Events Coordinator will need to be an independent worker who takes initiative to get things done in a timely manner without a lot of direct supervision. If you like to be micromanaged, this is not the right fit for you.  If you see things that need doing and get them done, talk to us.

If you like researching the best prices and options for just about anything, you might be the right person for the job. We have multiple conferences and trainings that all can use a great place and some fun swag.

Do you like creating content for social media? Is graphic design a hobby? Do you thrill at a green SEO score? If you can say yes, to all of those things, you might be the right fit for the job.

If the sight of a well placed Oxford comma brings a smile to your face, you might be the person for the job.  Well written communication is a necessity of the job.  Oxford commas are a deal breaker; they are indisputably necessary.

At Interaction International, we most often use Google products for our everyday work tasks.  Occasionally we branch out to Word, but usually Google products make things easy for us.  If you’re familiar with those products, you might be a good fit.

Do repetitive tasks bring some flow to your life?  While not everything the Office and Events Coordinator does are repetitive tasks requiring minimal brain power, some are.  Envelopes don’t stuff themselves!

Do you love answering the phone?  Does your day look better when you need to make phone calls?  If so, talk to us!

What about the post office?  Does a trip to the post office bring you joy?  Do you love to choose fun stamps?  Do you love the thought of sending out letters and packages?  Do you imagine the joy of the person receiving whatever you’re sending?  You do?!?!?!  Let us know!

Does your passion and experience make you the right fit?

Are you passionate about TCK care? Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of TCKs all over the world, but you wonder how you can do it in just 20 hours a week? You might be the person we’re looking for! Are you willing to work those 20 hours each week on an Eastern Time Zone schedule? You may have found the right place for your next job.

Do people describe you as culturally sensitive? If you are a TCK or have significant cross-cultural experience as well as all the things listed above, you might be the right fit for Interaction International’s Office and Events Coordinator.


Right Now

Interaction International’s current Office and Events Coordinator is ready to move to her next position at the end of the month.  If you’re the right fit for this position, it’s preferred that you start before she leaves.  We would love for you to have time to learn from the current Jedi Master Office and Events Coordinator.

Even if you think you match the stated criteria but can’t start before June, you might still be the right fit for Interaction.  We might be willing to wait for you.


Bonus Points

Do you think life is more fun as a competition?  It’s a good way to earn bonus points with the boss.  Do you live in the Charlotte, NC area?  That, too, might push you closer to becoming our next Office and Events Coordinator.  Graphic design and/or marketing experience can also push your score higher.



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