Meet our Team

Interaction International Staff

Michael Pollock

Executive Director
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Janet Blomberg

Senior TCK Consultant
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Marilyn Gardner

Editor: Among Worlds
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Al Gurley

CCTECC Coordinator
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Sheryl O’Bryan

Director of TCK Services and Communications
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Gary Nuss

Director of Organizational Development and CCTECC
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Bret Taylor

Director of Operations
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Jan Toms

Assistant Director of Finance
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Interaction International Board Members

Robby Richardson

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Butch Barkman

Board Member
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Timothy Friesen

Vice President
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David Long

Board Member
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Marshall Macaluso

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Dave McDowell

Board Member
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Shari Plueddeman

Board Member
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Michael Pollock

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Sarah Rymer

Board Member
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Rhesa Salstrom

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