Faith on the Move

"God sees your needs and you will not always be alone. When it feels like you are, remember He is with you and is trustworthy."
- from Faith on the Move, Day 14

Faith on the Move

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UNA FE QUE SE MOVILIZA – disponible en español
Fé em Meio à Mudança – portuguese

Faith on the Move is a 30-day devotional for TCKs

Teens moving across the world to live in new cultures is more common today, but it’s not a new phenomena. Faith On the Move examines the lives of Ruth, Joseph, Esther, and Daniel from the Old Testament as they journeyed through their own cross-cultural experiences. Surprisingly, these Third Culture Kids (TCKs) from thousands of years ago have a lot in common with TCKs today!


Praise for Faith on the Move:

“Faith on the Move is an insightful and incredibly useful guide to accompany TCKs on their journey through transition. Drawing on Biblical stories, characters, and themes, this devotional connects TCKs to the rich heritage of God’s people who knew and experienced transience. It weaves the experiences of TCKs into the wider story of God’s love throughout history while perceptively offering comfort, wisdom, and inspiration. Both practical and relatable, I’m excited this tool exists to help TCKs find their place as they grow into new places.”

-Chris O’Shaughnessy,
International Speaker and Author of Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between

“Physical transition is nothing new. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the only world they knew, humans have had to deal with the effects of transition. Through these stories and writings of others, we are reminded that the same God who was faithful to them is with us today. The practical applications at the end of each lesson make this a book both encouraging and instructive in our fast changing world.

Ruth Van Reken
co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, co-founder of Families in Global Transition

“As you travel through these pages, you’ll discover that spirituality and faith journeys change in different seasons of life. This book helped me to reflect, reframe, and receive truths that I am loved and that I belong to Christ regardless of place or space. When TCKs can feel fragmented, restless, homeless, and disconnected, may this resource be a reminder that God’s love is home.”

Megan Norton
Foreign Service TCK, co-founder of Intercultural Transitions

"As we remember how He has been faithful in the past we can have confidence that He will continue to be faithful as we face the future. "
- from Faith on the Move, Day 18
Faith on the Move combines many elements into a short, easy to digest devotional.  Each entry points the reader to a Bible passage and a key verse.  A quote or written prayer prepares the reader for the main points elicited from the passage.  Next, a few paragraphs on cross-cultural life, transition, and aspects of the passage combine to create the reflection portion of the entry.  The day’s reading concludes with questions that personalize the information and challenge the MK/TCK with next steps.

Discussion Groups

Joining others in your journey working through Faith on the Move not only helps you get more out of it, but also helps others get more out of it. Working with a discussion group adds a layer of encouragement and accountability.  You can keep going when life gets busy and the distractions try and pull you away because you’re in a community of people experiencing similar challenges and opportunities.

The 6 week cohorts are organized by age groups. Each week includes 5 of the devotional readings. Groups will be prompted through a messaging platform to reflect and respond in the group chat about the daily reading. Groups are led by Interaction International’s staff who also monitor the group chat.  These interactive groups will help ease feelings of isolation as you enter a new place and culture.

New Groups forming  for 2023 – Fill out the interest form if you are interested in being added to an upcoming cohort. Filling out the interest form does not commit you to joining. Cost: $30

Interest Form 

Faith on the Move Journal

A Companion to the Devotional. For those who love to process while writing, this journal provides guided space to put thoughts to paper. But more than just lines for writing, Sheryl O’Bryan infused her coaching experience into some additional questions and applications. So this is not just lined notebook with a colorful cover, the Journal kicks into high gear the opportunity for personal growth.

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What Teen TCKs are saying about Faith on the Move:

“I wish it wasn’t so short!…This book was written for us, not monoculturals!”
Breanna, MK: East Africa

AMAZING! Thank you for doing this. It will help a lot of people. Definitely recommend!”
Reese, MK: Africa

Relatable, inspiring, and refreshing…it is awesome sauce! I love how specifically for TCKs it is.”
Iris, TCK: SE Asia

“It walks you through all the pivotal thoughts and emotions, and helps you develop strategies to make the transition smoother. I highly recommend it for anyone in the process of adapting to another culture.”
Titus, MK: SE Asia

A good resource for TCKs going through cross-cultural transition. Each reading is filled with powerful prayers, quotes, and Bible passages.”
-J, TCK: Asia/USA

Faith on the Move

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Faith on the Move is available now on Amazon and Kindle!

Order on Amazon here 

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UNA FE QUE SE MOVILIZA – disponible en español

Fé em Meio à Mudança – portuguese