TCK Care Accreditation

TCK Care Accreditation

TCK Care Accreditation for Sending Organizations

For 45 years, Interaction International has been the voice of Third Culture Kids. We work with others to ignite global transformational movements for the care and equipping of the Third Culture Kid (TCK) community. To that end, we and others have seen a need to establish a standard of TCK care.

In collaboration with TCK Training, we are launching a TCK Care Accreditation program for sending organizations. We want to outline a metric by which organizations can be evaluated on the quality of their TCK care programs. With over 100 different standards, the TCK Care Accreditation Program will evaluate an organization’s TCK care program resulting in a potential rating of Bronze, Silver, or Gold Certified.

Regardless of the rating, the organization will be provided with practical ideas on how to further improve the quality of their programs. We envision families using this standard to evaluate which organizations will be the best fit for their family’s situation.  We anticipate as families begin looking for this certification, organizations will be further motivated to improve their TCK care programs.

By setting a measurable standard, the TCK Care Accreditation Program will raise the bar for TCK care across the world.

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