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We are a catalyst and a resource working cooperatively in the development of programs, services and publications to provide and contribute to an ongoing flow of care that meets the needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and internationally mobile families.
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Interaction’s 30 Day Devotional!

Faith on the Move: A Devotional for MK/TCK Teens in Cross-Cultural Transition

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  • Legendary Special Sauce
    The Legendary Special Sauce

    There’s a legendary special sauce that makes Transit Lounge stand out. It’s our MK staff. We might design and lead the programs with care, enthusiasm, and heart, but they make […]

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  • Parents Have a lot to say
    Parents Have a Lot to Say

      Parents have a lot to say about Transit Lounge and its impact on their children.  In case you were wondering if Transit Lounge is just a week at camp […]

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  • Why MKs Need Transit Lounge Now
    Why MKs Need Transit Lounge Now

    This is why MKs need Transit Lounge now–not every TCK experience is a good one.  Some have great experiences.  All experience loss and grief. All need Transit Lounge. MKs Need […]

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