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Relaunching in 2019 in an online format

Among Worlds is the magazine that goes directly to the heart issues that many adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) face: relationships, grief, transitions, home, values and many more.

Throughout the year, adult third culture kids find a lifeline that addresses their needs in the pages of our publication—Among Worlds.

Among Worlds fills a real need by addressing issues that are relevant to adult TCKs today and it “reunites” them with others of similar experience. Among Worlds will also help current parents, educators and others better understand the needs and experiences of the TCKs whose lives they are shaping today. Each edition tackles a specific issue that is relevant to adult TCKs in a head-on approach that will encourage and empower you as you travel through life. Besides its excellent feature articles written by fellow adult TCKs, each issue includes: Bookworm Review—a review of publications written by or of special interest to TCKs and Dear John—questions related to being a TCK that you, the reader would like addressed. See below for more information on subscribing. Each interested, individual issues of Among Worlds may also be ordered in our collection of back issues.  Back issues are available from 2001 to present.

Subscribing to Among Worlds

Among Worlds is a quarterly (4 editions each year) magazine. In 2019 Interaction will be relaunching a new online version of the magazine- a more conducive format for the Global Nomads! We look forward to sharing with you new offerings in addition to opening our archives of past issues. You will have the option to order a subscription of Among Worlds for yourself or give it as a gift. From the start of your subscription, you will enjoy the great articles and special features found in each issue.


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Submissions to Among Worlds

If you’re interested in submitting articles, you may want to inquire about what topics are currently of interest or planned for upcoming issues. Send contributions electronically or mail submissions to Among Worlds. All material published in Among Worlds is copyrighted and becomes the property of Interaction International, unless other arrangements are made. We are always looking for book reviews, questions for the Q&A, and short stories for Row 15, Seat D. The views expressed in Among Worlds do not necessarily reflect the views of Among Worlds or Interaction International.

Any comments or views you wish to make concerning articles published in or issues addressed by Among Worlds may be sent to Among Worlds reserves the right to edit letters/e-mails for purposes of clarity and space.

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