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Jump into June 2024

Jump into June 2024 - Transit Lounge is Here

Jump into June 2024 with us! We know May has just begun.  It seems odd that we’re going to post a lot about June in the coming weeks, but we’re looking ahead. We want you to join us–and many missionary and other expat families–on our journey to June.

June marks a pivotal time for Interaction International, as we gear up to launch our transformative summer programs tailored for Missionary Kids (MKs) and Third Culture Kids (TCKs) returning from their international lives. These programs play a vital role in easing their transition from global living to American life, fostering deep connections and spiritual growth.

We cross the southern part of the country–from Texas to Georgia–holding cross-cultural transition seminars for teen aged TCKs.  Transit Lounge is one of the ways we give direct care to American kids who are growing up globally.  Transit Lounge is actually three camps held in the course of the summer.  Our Dallas area Transit Lounge starts in June.

Will you “Jump into June” with Interaction International this year?

Engagement and Expenses Climb while Revenue Declines

We love the work we do in June. We love being in real time with TCKs–and our staff.  June is wonderful!

However, June is also the most expensive time of year for us. Our summer programs will cost over $55,000 on top of our regular expenses!  That’s a lot.

The bad news is, June is also the month where donations historically slow down.

Historic expense and income graph

Expenses up! Donations down! That’s a huge problem. But that’s where you come in.

Jump into June 2024 Provides Scholarships

This is where your invaluable support becomes instrumental. Through our annual “Jump into June” scholarship drive, you have the unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of MKs and TCKs. Your generous contributions directly fund scholarships amounting to $21,000, enabling these TCKs to participate in Transit Lounge without financial barriers.

These scholarships not only benefit missionary families by easing financial burdens but also ensure the longevity and impact of Interaction International’s mission. They empower us to continue providing essential support and guidance to TCKs, fostering their growth and resilience.

Over the upcoming weeks, we invite you to delve deeper into the significance and impact of Transit Lounge through our blog. Learn firsthand why these programs are essential for MKs/TCKs, explore testimonials from parents about their children’s transformative experiences, and uncover the secret ingredients that make Transit Lounge a resounding success year after year

If you’d like to hear Bret Taylor, Interaction International’s president provide an insightful overview of Jump into June 2024,we encourage you to  click here.  Additionally, you can seize the opportunity to sponsor a TCK for a day (or more!) by visiting our donation page. Your support during “Jump into June 2024” is a catalyst for change and growth in the lives of these remarkable young individuals. Jump into June 2024 with us. You won’t regret it for a second!

Join us this June and be part of a meaningful journey that leaves a lasting impact. Together, let’s make a difference—one scholarship at a time. Embrace the spirit of generosity and compassion by supporting Interaction International’s mission. Jump into June 2024 with us, and witness the transformative power of your contribution.


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