Jump into June!

Jump into June

Jump into June!

Jump into June

We’re excited to Jump into June–and to invite you to jump into TCK care with us.  Interaction International is all about people.  The TCKs we serve are vital to what we do.  The communities of people around TCKs–parents, teachers, coaches, and other caregivers are also part of our focus in a complete flow of care.  We believe the whole person deserves care over their whole life. Being a TCK does not magically stop with a 21st or 35th or 80th birthday.

However, the picture is incomplete without our partners.  You make everything possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $38,900 by June 12.  Each day of the first business week in June we will focus on a different need that Interaction International has.  We’ll introduce you to different friends of ours who have been impacted by Interaction.  Keep checking back to see the needs and watch the videos.

June 1-5

Monday – Keep the Lights On!

Partnering to Keep the Lights On helps keep our offices running efficiently and effectively. Providing a backbone for our resources, events and services to TCKs is important. It may not be sexy, but it is so necessary!

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Tuesday – Tech Tuesday

When you support our technology, it enables us to update our aging computers, increase our infrastructure with tools like Zoom and Quickbooks, and provide the means and the security to reach online to every corner of the globe safely and efficiently.  For example, programs like online trainings, TCK Connect and TCK Live depend on good tech.

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Wednesday – TCK Scholarships

Many TCKs tell us that our seminars, retreats, special events and coaching have been powerfully effective in their lives.  We helped them navigate difficult times when they are separated from their families.  Supporting scholarships means we can say ‘yes!’ to every TCK that seeks support.

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Thursday – Programs and Publications

Our staff takes a ‘tri-focal’ approach to TCK needs and potential, serving at local, national and global levels. By locking arms with us you provide online and in-person programming.  You facilitate our collaboration with colleges, mission organizations, international schools and global TCK care providers. Likewise, your support increases our reach in person and through publications like Among Worlds and our website resources.

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Friday – Sharpen the Saw

Our staff, in five US states, understands working remotely.   Often we feel isolated. Jumping into team development and training helps us stay in sync and on the cutting edge of TCK care thought and program design. Our relationships and growth together fuel our ability to be fully ‘present’ to each other, TCKs, and their communities.

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Will you Jump into June with us?  You make a world of difference.
Come back every day to find the links to the videos we created.  Additionally, you are invited to invest in our programs by using the give button below. Be apart of helping us achieve our goal!

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