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"If you want a place where you connect with people like never before, laugh with the truest glee, cry with the deepest and sweetest tear, and get flipped while tubing - come here!"

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"Any TCK who is transitioning to American life and culture should definitely come to Transit Lounge. It's full of amazing people who understand you and TCK issues. I've learned tons of invaluable information and made great new friends."

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Scholarship Application Excerpts

MK from Japan

Every official document that I own — passport, birth certificate, and driver’s permit — testifies that I am a US Citizen even though I only lived in the US for the first three months of my life.

MK from North Africa

The worst part of being a TCK is feeling isolated among my peers, feeling like I should belong but somehow don’t.

I’ve never quite understood Americans and they’ve never understood me.

MK from Ecuador

What is hard for me now is that Ecuador can’t be my forever home and I have to figure out how to live in America. To me that’s the hardest part about being a TCK – so many goodbyes.

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Transit Lounge Scholarships allows TCKs to have a life changing opportunity. Your generosity enables a TCK to come who otherwise couldn't afford it. You are making a difference in their life.

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