• Interaction's 5th President Bret Taylor
    Interaction’s 5th President Bret Taylor

    Announcing Interaction International’s 5th President The Board of Interaction International is pleased to announce Bret Taylor as the CEO/Executive Director. Bret has been instrumental in the revitalization of Interaction International […]

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  • An Adaptable Model for Adaptable TCKs

    An adaptable model for adaptable TCKs? Doesn’t it almost seem required for TCKs to have an adaptable model? After all, TCKs and adaptable are practically synonymous. So why shouldn’t the […]

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  • a hesitant denial
    A Hesitant Denial

    The Ask Have you ever made a hesitant denial and had the outcome be better than you could have imagined?  This spring it happened for me. Micah wrote to me* […]

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  • 6 Flawed TCK Diagrams
    6 Flawed TCK Diagrams

    These 6 flawed TCK diagrams are a pet peeve. Flawed Third Culture Kid (TCK) diagrams trigger me. I confess I get disturbed when individuals and organizations teach flawed diagrams of […]

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  • Third Culture Kid Definition
    Third Culture Kid Definition

    Third Culture Kid Definition The Third Culture Kid definition is both easy and difficult.  The words are easy to understand, but the concept is a little more difficult to wrap […]

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  • Faith on the Move
    Faith On the Move is #1 on Amazon

    Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon! Wow! We did not see that coming. Faith on the Move, Interaction International’s devotional for […]

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