A Sure Fire Win for STAGE: Gary Nuss Returns

A Sure Fire Win for STAGE: Gary Nuss Returns

A Sure Fire Win for STAGE: Gary Nuss Returns

STAGE Director of Membership Gary Nuss

We are happy to announce that Gary Nuss will return as the Membership Director of Interaction International’s STAGE (Student Teaching and Global Experience) program effective immediately. STAGE places student teachers from Christian colleges and universities at international schools for part of their training. Nuss, a seasoned veteran in the field, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering cross-cultural understanding. He led the program at the early part of the decaded. As news of his return spreads, there is excitement among the community, anticipating a new era of innovation and growth for the STAGE program.

With Nuss’s return, the role of STAGE Director was divided in two.  The new positions are STAGE Membership Director and STAGE Placement Director.  Nuss will fill the role of Membership Director while Sarah Lingenhoel-Depew continues as STAGE Placement Director.

A Proven Leader

Gary Nuss is no stranger to the world of international education. With an impressive track record as a leader and advocate for Third Culture Kid education, his previous tenure at the helm of STAGE saw great success. Under his guidance, the program flourished through a name change and a renewed commitment to focusing on TCKs while creating lasting connections between students from diverse backgrounds and fostering a global perspective among participating student teachers.

A Vision for STAGE’s Future Growth

  A central aspect of the name change to STAGE was the desire to expand the program beyond student teaching placements to include youth ministry, business and counseling majors.  Nuss has a strong desire to provide international internships and exposure to TCKs to a broader spectrum of college students beyond the typical education majors.  Every international school has multiple positions outside of the classroom that need to be filled.  Providing internships to other disciplines helps ensure the health and well-being of international schools for years to come.

Building Bridges Across Borders

The STAGE program, under Nuss’s direction, has been a catalyst for building bridges across borders. His passion for promoting intercultural understanding  resonated with participants, creating an environment where students not only learn about other cultures but also develop lifelong friendships while providing quality education for TCKs. This commitment to fostering meaningful connections aligns seamlessly with Interaction International’s mission of being a catalyst for TCK care.  Interaction could not imagine a better, more capable person in this position.

Global Impact

Nuss’s influence extends far beyond the boundaries of the STAGE program. His global perspective and collaborative approach have positioned Interaction International as a key player in the international education landscape. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, Nuss’s return signals a commitment to expanding the program’s reach and impact, providing students with the tools they need to thrive in and serve an interconnected global society.

Community Anticipation

The announcement of Gary Nuss’s return has generated a buzz within the Interaction International community. Alumni, current participants, and partner colleges, universities, and international schools are eager to see the direction he will take the STAGE program in its next chapter. The anticipation speaks to the trust and respect Nuss has earned throughout his career, as well as the positive impact he has had on countless lives within the TCK community.

As Gary Nuss steps back into the role of Membership Director for Interaction International’s STAGE program, the stage is set for a new chapter of innovation, collaboration, and global impact. His return signifies not only a reunion with a proven leader but also the promise of an exciting future for the program and all those touched by the positive, life altering impact of cultural exchange. The international education community eagerly awaits the unfolding of this next chapter under the guidance of a true visionary.


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