Introducing Spenser Clower

Introducing Spenser Clower

Introducing Spenser Clower

In the vibrant mosaic of personalities that make up Interaction International’s team, there’s a fresh hue adding depth and dynamism: Spenser Clower, the newly appointed Office and Events Coordinator. With roots in Brazil and a heart tuned to the needs of missionary kids (MKs) and Third Culture Kids (TCKs), Spenser brings a unique blend of experiences and passion to his role.

Spenser’s Roots and Wings

Hailing from the diverse landscapes of Brazil, Spenser’s journey to his current position has been as rich and varied as the vistas of his homeland. “My name is Spenser. You can call me Spenser, or Star Lord–some people think I look like Chris Pratt,” he says with a warm smile, adding a playful twist, ” But I like to say the ‘Brazilian’ Spencer.”


Having spent the formative years of his life in Brazil, Spenser embodies the cultural richness and warmth that characterize the country. From the cascading wonders of the Iguassu Falls in Parana to the sun-kissed beaches of Arraial D’Ajuda in Bahia, his memories are etched with the vibrant hues of Brazil’s natural wonders.


However, Spenser’s journey extends beyond national borders. “I was born in Brazil, and if furloughs count, besides FL I’ve also lived in TX, IL, and MN,” he shares, highlighting the transient nature of an MK life and the diverse experiences it brings.


As the current Administrative Coordinator for Compass Ministries, Spenser has honed his skills in organization and coordination, laying a strong foundation for his role with Interaction International. Clower will split his time between the two organizations, thus allowing both to benefit from his exemplary work ethic. Now, as he steps into the role of Office and Events Coordinator at Interaction, he’s eager to delve even deeper into organizing the details for programs for MKs/TCKs, providing them with a safe space to unpack their past and present.


“My experience volunteering as MK staff at various Transit Lounge programs has been immensely rewarding,” Spenser reflects. “Now, to be a bigger part of that process with Interaction International is truly exciting.” His enthusiasm is unmistakable.


Clower’s journey into the world of missionary work runs deep within his family roots. “My sister and I were born to a missionary family working in Brazil and are second-gen MKs,” he explains, tracing the threads of his heritage. “Since my dad is also an MK to Brazil, it feels like missions runs in our blood.” He fondly recalls the legacy of his grandparents, first-generation missionaries who played a pivotal role in founding a theology seminary, their impact rippling through generations.  One of his favorite roles within his family is that of being an uncle.

Funcle Spenser
Spenser and his nieces


In his new role at Interaction International, Spenser is poised to weave together his cultural heritage, personal experiences, and professional skills to create meaningful experiences for MKs/TCKs under the umbrella of Interaction International. Whether it’s coordinating events that foster community, providing administrative support, or simply offering a listening ear, he’s committed to serving with dedication and empathy.

Spenser Away from the Desk

But there’s more to Spenser than his professional endeavors. His adventurous spirit extends to his bucket list destinations, which include exploring the Great Barrier Reef, soaking in the history and landscape of Germany’s castles, and marveling at the natural beauty of Switzerland. “I’ve always been drawn to landscapes,” he admits with a grin.


Outside of work, Spenser indulges in a diverse array of hobbies. From capturing the beauty of nature through landscape photography to tending to his aquarium, his passion for the natural world is evident. He’s also an avid volleyball player and a keen gardener, constantly on the lookout for new plants to nurture and grow.


As Clower embarks on this new chapter with Interaction International, he carries with him the spirit of adventure, resilience, and compassion that define his journey. With his quiet but infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, he’s set to leave an indelible mark on the lives of MKs/TCKs, helping them towards a brighter and more connected future.


In the tapestry of Interaction International’s mission, Spenser’s adds a new steadiness of heart and quiet enthusiasm, enriching the narrative with his unique perspective and unwavering commitment to fostering community and support for MKs/TCKs worldwide.


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