Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca!  She is Interaction International’s newest staff member and will be serving as our office manager and events coordinator.  Many of you will work with Rebecca before you work  with anyone else on our staff.  We thought you should get to know her a little.
And now, the interview you were waiting for.

Meet Rebecca: The Basics

Who are you?
Rebecca Katharine Lesan
Where have you lived?  And in which place does your toothbrush currently reside?
I was born in Zürich, Switzerland, have lived also in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and in CT, MA/NH, NJ, SD, and ID, in the USA. My most frequently used toothbrush resides in Coralville, IA, but I also have toothbrushes in Bright, Ontario and in Slovakia.
Of all the places you’ve lived, what’s a must see or do in one of them?
Listen to the sounds in the Alps and eat fresh apricots from my cousin’s orchard.
In a nutshell, what’s your role at Interaction International?
I support the Interaction staff.
What part of that makes you want to get up and get to work in the morning?
I really love to serve families crossing cultures with the truth of God’s word.
Why Interaction?
I appreciate what God is doing here.
Rebecca's Current Reading
What book(s) are you currently reading/listening to?
The Bible, Megan Norton’s Belonging Beyond Borders, and Lauren WellsUnstacking Your Grief Tower.
What have you read/listened to in the last year that you would enthusiastically recommend?  Why?
James 1:2. Inexplicably, God can actually help us to live this out!
What about podcasts?  What are you listening to and why that one?
I prefer to have a lot of quiet time.
If we were in the grocery store in America, what treat would you make sure we had when we left?
What’s one of your favorite movies?  Why do you like it so much?
The Red Violin. The, music, is, so, good. I can relate to the way that the story is revealed in a non-linear way. I used to also like The Joy Luck Club, White Oleander, and Disney’s Mulan, Pocahontas, and Robin Hood. (There are some parts where it’s better to guard your eyes/ears.) Nowadays I will occasionally watch an episode of The Chosen.
Extra butter or extra salt on your popcorn at the movies?
Hm…I like to pick out the half popped kernels.
Who makes up your family?  Are there any TCKs in the mix?
My husband is also a TCK, from Iowa/Bratislava.

Meet Rebecca: Getting Beyond Basics

Who has been a good mentor for you? What have they done that makes them a good mentor for you? 
Jesus is my best mentor. I’ve also been blessed with generous parents, committed counselors, and excellent teachers. The best mentors can help me to grow closer to God even when I’m blind to something big in my life.

What are three bucket list places for you to visit?
The gardens, homes, and villages in heaven.

What are three bucket list experiences you would like to have?
I really would like to become a mom. I would also love to become an aunt. Someday I hope to release worship song music videos in Swiss Mundart.

Who are the five people (living or dead) that you would invite to a dinner party? Why did you choose each one?
I love spending time with multi-gen families.

Which person from the Bible, other than any part of the Trinity, would you like to sit with and have a conversation?  What would you like them to talk about?
I would like to hear from Joseph, about how he forgave his brothers.
What do you want everyone who reads this to know about you?
I value authenticity.
Marvel or DC?  Favorite character?  Why?
Disney. I appreciate how Pocahontas brought together two conflicting people groups through her love for both.
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all my questions!  Aren’t you glad you read through all of this so you could meet Rebecca?  If you have any other questions for her, please write them in the comments.  One of us will be sure she sees them.

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