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  • Meet Kristi Steele

    We want you to meet Kristi Steele of KC360–and now Interaction International.  Kristi will join as an adjunct staff member–a role that allows her to work with us while still […]

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  • 5 Things we love about Al Gurley
    5 Things We Love about Al Gurley

    5 Things we love about Al Gurley are not difficult to name.  Al currently serves as Interaction International’s chaplain.  He is not new to our organization.  He has been a […]

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  • Summer Snags Stop Seminar
    The Summer Seminar Snag and Solution

    The Summer Seminar Snag The summer seminar snag and solution might be just what you need.  We’ve told you a lot about Transit Lounge and the other cross-cultural transition seminars […]

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  • Truth4TCKs

    Today we’re letting you know about an opportunity a TCK has organized that is happening this month. Here’s the information we have from the organizers: Truth4TCKs Conference is an online […]

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  • STAGE Welcomes Jan Friesen

    STAGE Welcomes Jan Friesen STAGE welcomes Jan Friesen as its new Placement Coordinator. Student Teaching and Global Engagement experienced a number of changes in the last year.  The Directorship of […]

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  • Save the Date
    Save the Date

    Save the Date Please save the date!  Use the calendar on your phone.  Your planner could be used, too.  Let’s be honest, this is the time to pull out the […]

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