Younger Teens

I'm so glad my parents made me go. I made some great friends who really understood me and learned a lot about myself. And it was fun!"
- TCK - South East Asia

Middle School/High School Seminar

Designed especially for TCK ages 12-16, join our three day retreat.

Come join us for a three day program!

Spend three days with other global nomads while we explore navigating the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of a cross-cultural life and its transitions.  As you understand your unique identity and grow in your sense of belonging and purpose, you’ll lay a strong foundation for the rest of your life. Come! Intentionally grow with us and 15-25 other TCKs.  This may be the best three days you’ve ever spent in America.

Are YOU ready to thrive in your transition?

Being a younger teen is rough.  Being a tween or younger teen TCK in transition is even tougher.  You have no plans to stay in your passport country, but here you are.  Older siblings and friends who will stay for university or work get most of the attention when it comes to transition.  We want to change that.

Here’s the thing–older teens in transition tend to be surrounded by others in similar transitions.  All college freshmen are in transition. All junior high students are not. Even though most high school freshmen experience some transition, often they do not have a cross-cultural element thrown on top of learning their way around a new school–and usually they expect to be at that school for more than a year.

Traditionally, transition seminars have focused on MKs and other TCKs entering college.  We’re here to change that! At Interaction, we believe kids in middle school and high school should have their own transition seminar.   We can’t go through transition for you, but we can help you do it well.

Come prepared to learn. We will focus on the expected elements of a cross-cultural transition as well as the unique aspects of this transition during early adolescence.  Expect learning to be fun and interactive. We’ll explore themes of TCK identity, transition, how to thrive where you’re planted–even if it is only temporary. We’ll also get a look at American culture through the lens of the southeastern part of the country.

Come prepared for fun and new friends.  Let’s face it, there are very few places you can go where everyone can relate to most of your life.  This is one of them. The staff have all lived and worked overseas with TCKs. We get you, and so will the other participants.  We don’t want you to miss out.  

We know it’s not easy being a tween or a younger teen.  We can’t change all of that. We can help as you cross-cultures.  Are you ready? We can hardly wait to meet you!

2020 Program Staff

Interaction International is please to partner with Compass Ministries for this program

Compass Ministry Staff will Include:

  • Cindy Duff
  • Vivian and Ronnie Lacuesta
  • Spencer Clower

Interaction Staff will Include:

  • Sheryl O’Bryan
  • Bret Taylor

Event Date: 2020 dates announced in October

Location: Southeastern, US (likely Georgia)

Cost: TBD

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