At first I was not sure I wanted to attend Transit Lounge either, but now I can wholeheartedly say it was worth it to take the time to transition well and learn more."
- Anonymous
This program was something I didn't know I needed. It healed parts of my heart and equipped me for life in the US."
- Anonymous
You might think you know it all already– you most likely don’t. And it’s really important to meet lots of other TCKs going through the same thing. I went in with an open mind and left with a full heart."
- Brynne, 2021 participant
Any TCK who is transitioning to American life and culture should definitely come to the Transit Lounge. It’s full of amazing people who understand you and TCK issues. I’ve learned tons of invaluable information and made great new friends."
- Gabby, 2021 participant
It is so worth it. I learned so much. Processed so many things I didn't even know I needed to process and found a group that could understand and validate so much of my experience and challenge and encourage me with the future. And the staff is incredible."
- Brynne, 2022 participant
Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it is very helpful. It helps to think through things you never thought about, share your life, and you walk away feeling more prepared, encouraged, and lighter."
- Sierra, 2021 participant
The Transit Lounge has been the first place I've really connected with other MKs and TCKs like me, and is definitely unique in my mind with how much care the leaders put into connecting with us."
- Rain, 2022 participant
Coming to Transit Lounge was definitely not a mistake. I learned things here that changed my life."
- Rachel, 2021 participant
Do it. Even if you think you will be okay without it, things can come up that you didn’t even know you would be dealing with. It’s great!"
- Josiah, 2021 participant
It is way way WAY more fun than you may think. The community made through camp is so amazingly and the leaders are hilarious"
- Grace, 2022 participant
I didn’t know what to think or to expect before I came but is/was the best thing any TCK should go to."
- Dakota, 2021 participant
I have to admit that at first, rather until I arrived, I did not want to be there. However, as I began to interact with the other TCKs and participate in the sessions and discussions, I began to appreciate my opportunity. Thank you very much. Without your help, I would have never had an opportunity to meet the amazing people that I have."
- Rebecca, 2021 participant
I know it can be scary being in a new environment but once you get to know these amazing people, they not only become friends, but they become family."
- Zoey, 2022 participant
I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Interaction International was one of the best experiences of our lives, and that we’ll never forget all the amazing friends and memories we made."
- Juliana
It was so great for me to meet other people with the same background as me from so many different countries. I learned so much about the transition I was going through and that the feelings I had were perfectly normal."
- Anonymous
This week with Interaction came just when I needed it. I was feeling overwhelmed by college concerns before I arrived and welcomed the rest and reflection time…. The people of Interaction have shown a true concern and love for TCKs that comes from their love of God"
- Joel
I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very helpful. In a world of being misunderstood, I finally found people from my culture! Thank you, thank you!"
- Anonymous
I feel a whole lot better about re-entering here now, thanks to the teaching and sharing and the fact that I know I am not alone in this experience. I really just wanted to thank you."
- Rachel
I originally came because my parents signed me up and I thought, ‘What have I got to lose?’ But it was really helpful. It led me to think about what it means to be a TCK, and how it will affect my relationships and future decisions."
- Anonymous