Older Teens – Texas

I will never be alone in experiencing what it's like to be a Third Culture Kid"
- Anonymous - TCK from Transit Lounge 2021

Join us in Texas!

Welcoming TCK ages 16-20 to participate in our seven day programs

In 2022 we added a program at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) in Dallas, Texas!

Spend seven days with us and other global nomads.  We’ll explore the challenges, benefits, opportunities, and predictable processes of transition.  Consequently, you will learn how your TCK background provides an important foundation for the skills you will use throughout your life.  This seminar is intentional, practical, critical, and timely to you and your transition.

You’re already working to understand your identity, purpose, and sense of belonging; let us help you solidify those beliefs with fresh information and a godly perspective.  The seminar is a good mix of large group sessions, small group time, and one-on-one coaching.  Join us for a week that will help you navigate your next steps while building on the foundation you’ve laid.  We are looking forward to a week with you!

Surviving or Thriving?  It’s Your Choice

Any major transition can be tough.  Cross-cultural transitions are some of the toughest–especially if you’re not prepared.  You want to do more than survive. We want that, too. We’re here to help you thrive.

We have 30 years of experience moving MKs and other TCKs along the continuum from surviving to thriving.  We are prepared to come alongside you and help you flourish on your journey into your passport culture and your new stage of life.  Interaction’s transition seminars are a proven investment in your future.

Come prepared to learn.  Lectures, activities, large and small group discussions will be led by our staff who have all lived and worked abroad with TCKs.  Consequently, we get you. We want to walk with you through this transition. You can discover a deeper understanding of your identity, your purpose, and your sense of belonging.  Let us help.

Come prepared to play.  Each location has unique opportunities for exploring the outdoors, checking out the local attractions, and having fun.  Playing and spending time with people who have lived a life similar to yours is invaluable. We want you to have that.

Come prepared to build community. Every year community forms and continues beyond the week you spend with us.  While the teaching times are an important basis for community, unstructured moments provide the best times of connection.  You don’t need to be alone in your transition. We want to help you enter into a safe space for those who travel the road across cultures and into a new adventure.

We have no doubt you can survive this passage into your passport country and your next stage of life without us.  However, we want more for you. We want you to flourish; we can help you do that. What do you want?


July 2-8, 2023

Location: Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU)

Ages: 16-20 (will consider younger teens)

Cost: $840 ($520 with approved scholarship) plus a $50 application fee.

For more information, contact Interaction International at:

Phone: 630.653.8780
E-mail: office@interactionintl.org

Driver Accommodations: There are several local hotels in nearby Dallas!

Airport Shuttles:  A shuttle will be available to pick and return students to the Dallas International or Dallas Love Airport for a $35 fee. Check your registration packet for important flight information before booking.

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We are pleased to partner with SAGU. This campus is just outside the heart of Dallas Texas. Experience a taste of college life. We will be staying in the dorms, have sessions in the beautiful McCafferty Hall with it’s large stain glass windows, and small groups in class rooms.

During free time, you’ll be able to choose what fun activities you’d like to participate in. Here are your options:

-Swimming pool
-Board games and card games
-Einstein Bagels on campus

And an extra day excursion off-campus day trip to do some bowling and get a taste of old west Texas at The Stockyard.



Due to the generosity of Interaction’s donors, we are able to provide scholarships for those experiencing financial challenges- especially families working with NGOs and with 501(c)3 ministries. We want to remove the cost as being a factor for students not attending.

To apply for the scholarship, opt for either of the following:

1) Email from parent giving a brief statement about your work and confirming your need of the scholarship. Keep it simple. We trust you. Then attach to the email a 200-300 word (1 page) reflection by the participant on their positive and negative experiences of living as a TCK/MK.
Send email to office@interactionintl.org


2) At the end of the application, have the participant fill out the “Optional” questions, which includes a written reflection from the participant as described in option one.

We are grateful to our donors who make it possible for us to offer the scholarship to all qualified applicants. Use the donate button below if you would like to join our donors- enabling us to keep the doors open for all students who want to attend.


Everyone's story/transition is their own and can't be invalidated by comparison"
- Participant from Transit Lounge 2021

Refund Policy

If you have paid and will not be able to make it for any reason, full refunds will be issued up until May 1st and a 50% refund up until June 1st.

If we have to cancel the program due to government restrictions (or any other reason) we will offer full refunds. Those who are flying, we encourage the purchase of additional travel insurance to minimize potential risk.

Georgia 2020

Not sure what you're signing up for? While we haven't had a program in Texas before, you can watch a quick preview that highlights some of the amazing things our older teens experienced in Georgia!

2020 Interaction Transit Lounge from Interaction International on Vimeo

Can't Make One of Our Programs?

We’ll miss you. But we highly recommend you attend one of these transition retreat programs run by some outstanding friends of ours:

Wilderness ReBoot (for MKs ages 21-35)
Dates: July 1-7. 2023
Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp, Kananaskis, AB
sponsored by MORE Network

ReEntry Seminar:
Dates: July 9-21 2023
La Mirada, CA (at Biola University)
sponsored by Narramore Christian Foundation

Classic ReBoot 
Dates: August 12-19, 2023
Tyndale University, Toronto, ON
sponsored by MORE Network