You Can Make a Difference!

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You Can Make a Difference!

You can make a difference take a survey

You Can Make a Difference!

You can make a difference in what we know about Third Culture Kids.  Recently, two different scholars contacted us about their research.  They need your input.  Of course, we’re happy to help!  The more of you who report to them, the better they can form a picture of the TCK experience.  That helps all of us who care for TCKs.

Study 1

This doctoral level research examines how TCKs were brought up by their missionary/Christian worker parents.  It specifically investigates cross-cultural adaptation.  To participate in this research, you need to have lived outside the United States of America for at least two years after the age of five.  During that time your parents will have served as missionaries or Christian workers.  The survey should take about 15 minutes.  You can find it here.


Study 2

This survey examines the role of peer support on coping abilities for MKs.  You must be between the ages of 18-30 in order to participate in this master’s thesis research.


We hope this research will add to everyone’s understanding of the TCK experience.  We know each one is unique, yet there are themes that develop over time uniting all TCKs.  Thanks for taking the time to help create the understanding that will create a better flow of care for the TCKs who come after you.


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