TCK Live: Transition Seminars in 2021

TCK Live: Transition Seminars

TCK Live: Transition Seminars in 2021

TCK Live with Debbie Hewitt and Donna MessengerTCK Live: Transition Seminars in 2021

Next up for TCK Live is a session on Transition Seminars in 2021.  We will welcome Donna Messenger and Debbie Hewitt to the microphone on Wednesday, March 10 at 4 PM EST.  We’ll talk about what we anticipate cross-cultural seminars to look like this summer.  Our focus will be on the three major seminars held in the USA this summer–Interaction’s Transit Lounge, Barnabas International’s Transition Seminar, and the Narramore Christian Foundation’s MK Re-Entry.

Donna Messenger works with Barnabas International.  She directs their Transition Seminar held at Cedarville University.  Debbie Hewitt serves as the director of MK Re-Entry, a transition seminar, offered by the Narramore Christian Foundation.  In anticipation of their appearance on TCK Live, we asked them a few questions.

The Interview

Interaction: Where’s the last place you used your passport?

Donna: November 2019 in Ukraine

Debbie: Thailand 

Interaction:  Both are amazing places. Where have you not used your passport but really, really want to?

Donna: I want to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, sometime this year, but I have been there numerous times before. If you’re asking where I’ve never used it, then I really really want to go to Australia sometime!

Debbie: Really, I would go anywhere!!

Interaction:  After a year of pandemic life, we’re with you Debbie!  Next question, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Donna: Pretty much anything chocolate, or lemon custard, or sea salt caramel.

Debbie: I would choose something else.

InteractionL If you don’t like ice cream (are there really people out there who don’t like ice cream? Apparently, there are!), what dessert would you choose instead?

Donna:  Cheesecake!

Debbie: My daughter makes some killer brownies or creme brulee.

Interaction: White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate—or *gasps* no chocolate?

Donna: Milk chocolate, but is white chocolate really chocolate?


Interaction:  That is a really good question! However, I’m not sure if we’re in a position to question the Chocolate Labeling Powers.  Debbie what’s your preference?

Debbie: Dark chocolate and any chocolate!
Interaction: As much as people hate to give fun facts, they always like to read them.  So, what’s a fun fact about yourself we can share?

Donna: I’m a die-hard Cubs fan!

Debbie: Ummm, I was ALMOST voted class clown in high school but wound up with “most spirited” instead. Ha-Ha-Ha! I actually am achievement driven so I wasn’t proud of these – and I’m not proud of being achievement driven either – but each one is true in some way and . . . maybe fun facts????

Interaction:  Those are absolutely fun facts from both of you!  Thank you so much! Debbie, here’s a fun fact you can add to your arsenal.  When you’re next on our webcast, you will hold the distinction of being the most interviewed person on TCK Live.  Right now, you and Lauren Wells are tied with two appearances each.  Next week, you’ll win the prize.  Bret might even share his medal with you–but I wouldn’t count on it.

We’re looking forward to chatting with you on TCK Live! Thanks so much for helping us get to know you a little better!


Registration is open before the event.  During the event, you can catch us on Facebook Live.  After the webcast, you can watch the recording here.

TCK Live: Transition Seminars



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