TCK Live with Lauren Wells

TCK Live with Lauren Wells

TCK Live with Lauren Wells

TCK Live with Lauren Wells

TCK Live with Lauren Wells

TCK Live with Lauren Wells, author of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids and the newly released The Grief Tower, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24.  We’ll welcome Wells to the microphone at 4 PM EST.  We hope that you’ll register to join us in the webinar as Lauren talks about her newest book.

We know an hour on TCK Live isn’t enough time to get to know a guest well.  Lauren answered a few questions for us that we may not have time to cover during TCK Live.  Here’s our rapid-fire interview.

Quick Questions with Lauren Wells

Interaction: Where’s the last place you used your passport?
Lauren: Hong Kong for a 10 day training with high school-age TCKs!

Interaction: Where have you not used your passport but really, really want to?
Lauren: Pretty much anywhere in Europe. Top 3 are Ireland, Spain, and Italy

Interaction: What’s your favorite accent to put on?
Lauren: Oooooh, Australian. Although I’m perfecting my southern accent since I’m now living in South Carolina.

Interaction: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Lauren: I actually don’t love ice cream but if I had to choose it would be mint chocolate chip

Interaction: White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate—or *gasps* no chocolate?
Lauren: Very, very dark
Interaction: As much as people hate to give fun facts, they always like to read them. So, what’s a fun fact about yourself we can share on the blog?
Lauren: Eeeek. I never know how to answer this question. I cook a lot of ethnic food and Indian is what we eat most.

Michael Pollock, Bret Taylor, and Sheryl O’Bryan are excited to have Lauren return to TCK Live this winter.  Lauren


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