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  • Register Now!
    Register Now!

    Register Now! You need to register now for MK Caregiver Training.  This four week program is for both seasoned caregivers as well as the noobs in the crowd.  Interaction’s staff […]

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  • TCK Live
    TCK Live with Chris O’Shaughnessy

    TCK Live with Chris O’Shaughnessy We are more than a little excited to welcome Chris O’Shaughnessy, a military ATCK,  to the TCK Live microphone on Wednesday, February 10 at 4:00 […]

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  • MK Caregiver Training
    MK Caregivers Training

    MK Caregivers Training It’s time to register for MK Caregiver Training.  Seriously, you thought about MK Caregiver Training last year, and then you let registration slide right by you.  Perhaps […]

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  • The Early Bird Gets Discounts
    The Early Bird Gets the Discount!

      The Early Bird Gets the Discount! I know. You thought a worm awaited you. We have something infinitely better for humans. We have a discount! This year Interaction International […]

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  • TCK Live with Heidi Tunberg
    TCK Live with Heidi Tunberg

    TCK Live with Heidi Tunberg We are excited to welcome Heidi to the TCK Live microphone. One of Heidi’s talents is sussing out great resources for TCKs and TCK Caregivers. […]

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  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas from Interaction International!

    We invite you to watch this video of greetings and an important opportunity brought to you by Michael Pollock, executive director of Interaction International.  If you’re new to Interaction, Michael […]

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