Save the Date

Save the Date

Save the Date


Save the Date

Please save the date!  Use the calendar on your phone.  Your planner could be used, too.  Let’s be honest, this is the time to pull out the fancy pens and pretty stickers.  The calendar on your fridge will work, too.  Use them all.  Just save the date.

You may have noticed.  There are birthday cakes, confetti, and maybe even a party hat or two.  The number 45 shows up a lot on our website right now.  We’re having a birthday!

Interaction International officially turns 45 on June 29.  We’re planning to celebrate.  Ideally, we would celebrate with you.  The celebration would be in-person, and you’d better believe we’d make a fuss.

2021 remains a pandemic year.  We love you all too much to expose you to a deadly virus; our 45th anniversary will be celebrated on Zoom.  (Writing a paragraph that mentions a pandemic also requires a reference to Zoom; it’s in the pandemic rules.)

Never fear!  Over the last year of TCK Connect, Sheryl and Bret have learned how to make Zoom fun.  We’re planning not one party, but multiple parties to celebrate Interaction’s 45th birthday.  From June 24-29 we will host at least two celebrations each day.  We just need you to come and bring some joy to go with our fun.

You will be able to RSVP in two different ways.  The first will be by signing up for the day and time of your choice on a form on a brand new birthday page that’s currently under construction.  The second will be by placing a phone call to our office.  Easy peasy!  Get ready to register!  Get ready for some fun celebrating Interaction International’s 45th anniversary.


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