Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday - Jump into June

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is here! In March some of you donated to Interaction International’s need to upgrade our our online capabilities and security.  You made it possible for our TCK Connects to be a safe place for teens and young Adult Third Culture kids to gather from all corners of the world.  Thank you.

Our friends Amelia and Caedmon talked to Sheryl and Bret about the importance of TCK Connect.  Listen to their conversation.

Further Needs

Outdated computers, better accounting software, and increased security for other applications are some of the tech challenges we face daily. Some of our computers are over a decade old.  In other words, they are dinosaurs in the tech world.  Others are quickly approaching that point.  Consequently, we need to upgrade.

Our former accounting system was adequate but neither efficient nor what we really needed. We recently switched to a more comprehensive accounting program.  This helps our accounting staff and our staff on support.  Ultimately, it helps you know your contributions and information are secure and headed in the right direction.

We have another interview for you today.  Harmony will tell you how one of our newer technology dependent programs, TCK Live,  makes a difference for her and other TCK caregivers around the world.  You make TCK Live possible.  By supporting Interaction’s technology needs, you support countless people around the world.

Tech Tuesday’s Goal

You can help us reach our goal of $2,500 for technology improvements.  We know that won’t cover all our needs, but it will take care of the immediate ones.

Join our team by giving online.
Give Now

Or send a check to the following address:

Interaction International
PO Box 863
Wheaton, IL 60187

Thanks for making a difference!

Here’s how Jump into June turned out! Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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