Unprecedented.  It’s the word of the year.  Many have concerns we didn’t dream of as 2020 dawned.  Health, family, kids and their education,and  employment have moved from everyday concerns to urgent ones.  Amidst all of this, we want you to know you are not forgotten.  We see you.  We are you.

In the middle of CoVid 19 and all its effects, our mission has not changed.  A global flow of care for the TCK community is still our goal.  We’ve had to pivot our delivery.  We are adjusting and adapting.  We are learning new ways to use technology as we serve the TCK-centric community.  Creating new forums and new ways to offer support is part of what occupies our time these days.  Of course, we would rather be face-to-face in the same place, but reality shapes our present differently.

For the foreseeable future our trips, both domestic and international, are cancelled.  Although disappointed,  we are determined to press on, to find different ways to share information, and to be present–even from a distance.  A number of our trainings and resources had already moved online; now we are working to bring you more virtual resources.  Please keep checking the website and social media for updates.

Thank You

We are thankful so many of you have stepped in to help displaced college students find housing. Gigantic thanks to those of you who have checked on us to see how we’re weathering the storm.  We are grateful that our partnership is about serving together and caring for people–TCKs, their families, their communities, and each other.  We rejoice that in the midst of turbulence, we know peace and hope.

Our mission and calling do not change because of a virus.  Thank you for standing with us.  Your unwavering commitment to TCKs and those who support them encourages us.  Please let us know if you think we can support you in this unprecedented time.  Please tell us how we can pray for you.  We care about you.

May grace and peace be yours in these unprecedented days.

The Interaction Team

Holly Baldwin          Janet Blomberg          Al Gurley            Rachel Hicks

Gary Nuss           Sheryl O’Bryan             Michael Pollock          Bret Taylor


Interaction International Team


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