Foundations of Organizational MK/TCK Care

Are you in a new position caring for MKs/TCKs in your organization?

Have you been working in MK/TCK care for a while? Would you like new tools, resources, and consultation regarding developing your program? Do you want help charting a course for your program or reevaluating your program?

If the answer is YES, then Interaction’s Foundations of Organizational MK/TCK Care (formerly known as MK Caregivers Training/MKCT) is for you!

“I would recommend the MK Caregiver Training to anyone who cares for Third Culture Kids. Interaction is the only organization doing this cutting-edge training and has the experience to help both the new and seasoned caregiver. I walked away not only with new ideas and resources but also with a network of colleagues with whom I could connect in the future. Additionally, it was so affirming not only to have a pocket full of new ideas but also to rethink and rework the program we had in place. This training is a must for caregivers new and old. "
- Tim Smith—Pioneers
Who Should Attend these Seminars?
  • Personnel from sending agencies working in MK/TCK care
  • Missions pastors or members of church boards or university staff
  • Anyone who works in MK/TCK care
Seminar Objectives include:
  1. Creating a holistic database that includes all the essential information to keep track of family information associated with the agency
  2. Understanding the role of policy, confidentiality, and communication as it relates to family and agency
  3. Articulating the needs, benefits, and challenges associated with the TCK profile and the potential impact on family
  4. Understanding the impact of Transition Stages on TCKs and the family
  5. Designing a “flow of care” model applicable for the agency and its families
  6. Advocating for agency-wide steps for an effective and efficient “flow of care” for TCK support
  7. Understanding the impact of loss and grief with an overview of how to debrief these topics

Event Dates:

Winter 2023 – January 25th, February 1st, 15th, & 22nd
February 6th will have no session, but that week will be designated for coaching appointments


Spring 2023 April 6th, 13th, 27th, May 4th

4 sessions, weekly from 10:30am-12:30pm Eastern time, plus two individual coaching sessions scheduled at times that work for you

Location: Online/Zoom
Cost per organization: $550

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For more information contact Interaction International at:

Phone: 630.653.8780

“If you are new to the role of MK care and want to equip yourself to dive into this new ministry, I recommend the MK Caregiver Training offered by Interaction International. This training offers you a great foundation of information and the accompanying notebook is a resource to which you will continually refer. Besides learning from some wise people experienced in MK care, you will also learn from the interaction you will have with your fellow students.”"
- Beth Barron—Christar

Virtual – We adapted our traditional 3-day in-person training to a virtual context. This online training is perfect for those who live internationally. The material will be presented over the course of 4 weeks during a two-hour Zoom call on Thursdays. In addition to these group sessions, you will have personalized coaching sessions with Interaction staff (one mid-way through the program, one follow up) to help you implement your plan.

The seminar will help new caregivers develop a sustainable program, as well as help prioritize needs and build vision within their organization for MK/TCK care. You will understand key issues regarding MKs’/TCKs’ identity, the transition experience, the flow of care, as well as key steps in assessing needs and developing a program, educational options, and their implications for MK/TCK care programs.

The Foundations of Organizational MK/TCK Care will help experienced caregivers expand their programs, reevaluate what they are doing (with outside perspectives), and set new priorities.

Whether a new or experienced MK/TCK caregiver, this seminar will help participants sharpen their skills, enhance their program, clarify their goals, and set new priorities in providing crucially needed services to both children and parents. Participants will receive a notebook of resources and activities which will support them with practical ideas, strategies, and resources to enhance their caregiving efforts.

It is assumed that participants will have read Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by David C. Pollock, Ruth Van Reken, and Michael Pollock.

“Even though I have worked with MKs for many years on the field . . . I really needed some concrete ideas on how to set up a program for our mission that was not hit and miss. The MK Caregiver Seminar not only confirmed some things we were already doing for our MKs but also gave me some ideas on how to further develop the program. They also gave me a very valuable resource–-their notebook full of ideas for developing an MK program. I would highly recommend this conference, especially if you are just getting things set up for your mission but also to anyone who wants to work with MKs.” "
- Twana Johnson—World Gospel Mission