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Programs & Publications

While Cross-Cultural Transition Seminars occupy most of our summer, the rest of the year fills up with other programs and publications.  Each addresses different areas in the flow of care for TCKs.  From helping parents to sending student teachers to teach TCKs to publishing magazines–and everything in between, there’s rarely a dull moment.


Currently, Interaction International publishes one digital magazine, Among Worlds.  This quarterly magazine written by TCKs for TCKs features poetry, essays, stories, and artwork. It’s even edited by an Adult Third Culture Kid. We hope to relaunch Interact magazine in digital format later in the year.  This will be an invaluable resource for TCK caregivers.

Although publishing a digital magazine costs less than a paper magazine, it is not without expense.  After years of dormancy, Among Worlds’ return is starting to be noticed.  We hope the magazine will pay for itself soon.  Would you consider becoming a subscriber or an advertiser?


The breadth of our involvement in care for TCKs for their whole lives keeps our calendars full.  In the Educational Planning Seminar we come alongside parents who are headed overseas.  We help them ask the right questions and explore the possibilities for educating their children in a new country.  In the end, they leave with a plan for each child as well as the right questions for formulating alternative plans when they needed.

Student Teaching and Global Experience (STAGE), formerly known as CCTECC, remains active even in the pandemic.  This program provides student teachers from American Christian Colleges the opportunity to teach in international schools by facilitating placements and training.  Over the last few decades, more than 1700 education majors taught at more than 130 different schools.  Approximately 33% of STAGE participants return to an overseas teaching position.

This spring Interaction moved the MK Caregivers’ Training online.  Twenty caregivers participated in this four session webinar.  Also, we launched a new program, “Creating a Campus Where TCKs Thrive” for college personnel.  These are just a few of the things that occupy our time when it’s not summer.

One of our longest running programs is Transition Seminar.  Before Covid-19 sent the world into quarantine and added “social distancing” to our vocabulary, we were slated for almost three weeks of Cross-Cultural Transition Seminars.  Now,we are down a week after canceling the seminar in Colorado.  The two weeks that remain will be the highlight of our year.

Each program has inherent costs.  Webinars are less expensive, but they are not free.  Producing materials adds to the financial cost that goes beyond the expenditures of time and energy for our staff.  In addition to the cost for participants to attend our in-person seminars,the expense of staff transportation, room and board, and honorariums create budget needs.


Meet Robert!  He’s an ATCK from Madagascar.  Transition Seminar impacted Robert in a few different ways.  It even helped set the course for his career.  Listen in and discover how that happened.

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