Educational Planning Seminar

This Interaction International seminar is a “must” for any parents who will be homeschooling or using national schools to educate their children or who are investigating their educational options where they will be serving.
This seminar will help parents answer questions such as:
  • What educational option is best for our children? Will it work for all our children?
  • How can we use the national schools successfully?
  • How can we help our children learn a second language?
  • How can we develop a workable educational plan for our family that fits our goals, values, and ministry?
  • How do we choose a homeschooling curriculum?
  • How do we get started in homeschooling?
  • How do we teach specific skills such as reading and writing?
  • How can we prepare our children for the transitions they will make in leaving this culture and entering a new one?

These are the important questions the Educational Planning Seminar is specifically designed to address. Unfortunately, these are often the issues that bring families home prematurely. A recent study on attrition indicated that issues related to the care and education of their children was the leading factor that caused families to leave their places of service. These issues will be critical for your family.


Seminar Objectives Include:

1) Understand what educational options are available for their child having explored learning styles and education methodologies.

2) Articulate their education mission statement for their child.

3) Choose what educational option might be best for their child.

4) Develop an educational plan for their child.

5) Identify specific strategies for their child in reading, writing and second language acquisition.

5) Prepare for the cross-cultural transition process for their child.

6) Equip their child for the Third Culture Kid experience.

Event Dates: October 8-11 2019

Location: Wheaton, IL

$375.00 (Individual)
$425.00 (Couple)

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For more information contact Interaction International at:

Phone: 630.653.8780


Plan now to attend so you will have the best chance for success in new assignment!

Importance of both parents attending

We recognize that both parents will not play the same day-to-day role in their children’s education, but believe both parents need to be informed about these issues and to actively participate in making these decisions. Consequently, we urge both husband and wife to attend the seminar if at all possible. Previous participants have found it helpful for both parents to hear the information presented, to discuss their questions with an advisor, and to work together on developing the educational plans for their children.


Each year on evaluations, parents report they gained so much from the seminar because they attended without their children and were able to spend time focusing on their children’s education. Consequently, we do not offer childcare at this program. Parents appreciated the opportunity to discuss each evening the things that had been presented in the workshops and shared in advising sessions during that day. Parents felt they got far more out of the seminar then they would have if their children had attended.

Logistical information

The seminar will be held in Wheaton, IL. Breakfast and lunch are included, but participants are on their own for dinner each day. When we receive your registration, we will send additional information about housing and other logistics as well as additional forms (on yourselves and your children) that will need to be completed and returned. A wide variety of housing options (at various price ranges) are available nearby. At the seminar, each family will receive an extensive notebook of resources and materials.

The conference will start on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. Breakfast will be provided at 8:15 a.m. The seminar will end at approximately 4 p.m. on Friday. Your evenings are free. During the seminar, time will be spent discussing your questions and helping you develop an educational plan for your children. Please plan your arrival and departure times so that you are able to attend the entire seminar. (Arriving sometime on Monday is recommended, if coming from a distance.)