Keep the Lights on!

Jump into June Monday

Keep the Lights on!

Monday, June 1,  our Jump into June focus is to “Keep the Lights on.”  Utilities and rent are not the most exciting things you can give towards, but they are foundational.  Imagine if a restaurateur bought the finest food, had a phenomenal stove, the best knives, and beautiful place settings, but she had no building, no water, not gas and electric, and no internet.  She would not be of much use to anyone.

Our Goal

We need to keep the lights on to keep ministry flowing.  You can help us.  Giving towards Interaction International’s Keep the Lights on Fund will help defray the costs of our basics – rent, utilities, postage, and salaries for staff members not on support.  Consequently, raising $8,400 will keep Interaction’s lights on for the rest of the year.

Video Interview

Bret interviewed our friend Hadassah, an Adult Third Culture Kid from West Africa, about the importance of Interaction in her life.  Intrestingly, they knew each other years ago when Haddasah was in junior high and Bret worked for another organization.  Listen in to their conversation.

Help us meet our overall goal by helping us meet today’s goal. Choose the giving button for an online gift.

Give Now

Or send a check to the following address:

Interaction International

PO Box 863

Wheaton, IL 60187

Thanks for Jumping into June with us by helping us keep the lights on!

Here’s how Jump into June turned out! Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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