The Early Bird Gets the Discount!

The Early Bird Gets Discounts

The Early Bird Gets the Discount!


Early Bird Transit LoungeThe Early Bird Gets the Discount!

I know. You thought a worm awaited you. We have something infinitely better for humans. We have a discount!

This year Interaction International and Compass Ministries will co-host two in-person Transit Lounge seminars.  Both will be in Fort Mountain, GA.  The first seminar focuses on younger teens who will return overseas.  However, the second retreat focuses on older teens who plan to stay Stateside for the foreseeable future. 

TCKs ages 12-16 –you can apply for our four day program in Fort Mountain, GA.   We set aside July 28-31, 2021 to spend with you.  Likewise, the 17-20 year old group are invited to apply for our seven day program at the same link.  We plan to spend August 1-7, 2021 with you.

Read more about all of our transition/re-entry programs here.

Register before March 15 to save $50.  You can save even more money by applying for a scholarship that is included in the application!  Be an early bird and save money!  Leave the worms for the actual birds.



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