TCK Scholarships

TCK Scholarships - Jump into June

TCK Scholarships

Also known as the “Y’all Come Fund,” TCK scholarships are a crucial part of Interaction International.  While the focus at the beginning of the week was on the basics needed to function well, today’s emphasis gets to Interaction International’s heartbeat–Third Culture Kids.

We serve TCKs directly in many ways.  First of all, is our Cross-Cultural Transition Seminar.  Did you know that this seminar is the only in-person program available in 2020?  This year we also inaugurate the first ever Cross-Cultural Transition for younger teens.  Secondly, we also offer life coaching for TCKs of all ages.  Interaction also hosts and helps facilitate a number of retreats and special fun days.

None of these services are free.  We hate the fact that some TCKs don’t attend the programs we offer because of cost.  We want everyone to come, but expenses need to be covered.  Your intervention is needed to make scholarships available for all these programs.

Funds Needed

Our goal for Wednesday is to raise $12,500 for TCK scholarships to programs we facilitate. These scholarships include everything from $15 scholarships for 1 day events like Snow Day to $50 for one hour of coaching to $325 for a week of Transition Seminar.  Will you provide for a TCK?


We want you to get to know some of the TCKs who benefit from our programs.  First, Briza will talk to you about coaching and why it’s important.  Then, Praise will tell you about retreats in MI and how Michael and Interaction have made a difference for her.  Listen in and find out how your gifts bless these TCKs.

Here’s Briza!

And now, meet Praise!

Help us reach our Jump into June goal. You can contribute online.

Give Now

Or send a check to the following address:

Interaction International
PO Box 863
Wheaton, IL 60187

Thank you for impacting these TCKs.  Thank you for making sure no one is left out.  Your generosity is not unnoticed.

Here’s out Jump into June turned out! Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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