Join a tribe. Uncover your story. Journey into next.

Come as you are, wherever you are!

Virtually join other TCKs arriving from all over the world as you all make your way through your first months in American culture.

Base Camp

Sunday Evenings

Gather around the virtual “campfire” with all the other Wayfinders. Learn some practical tips, have some fun, and connect with other TCKs.

Trail Talks

Mid-Week Gatherings

Dig into the weekly Base Camp topic with your Trail Tribe (small group). Trail Talks are also an opportunity to go deep and share your stories with other TCKs.

Bonus Adventures

More than meetings

Get some goodies in your mail. Discover fun surpises. Help your Trail Tribe compete in activities for extra prizes.

Who should join Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is for MKs/TCKs who have finished high school and are making the transition from living overseas to living in the US.

While you may have heard things about living in America during your school’s or organization’s transition seminars, sometimes it is too much information all at once. Wayfinder is a program designed to explore your TCK journey in manageable bites.  With a focus on practical applications and small groups, you will be well supported and understood as you journey into next.

Some ups and downs are guaranteed in this new part of your life. Wayfinder connects you with others who will get you and support you in a way few others can. Wayfinder is also an option for those who are unable to attend Interaction’s Transit Lounge!


"Even though I attended a summer transition seminar program, I wished I had others to journey with me in living it out.""
- Kayla (Indonesia)

What to Expect

Wayfinder begins each Sunday evening (8:30pm EST) with the full group coming together for Base Camp. This is far from a boring Zoom meeting! We will kick off each week with “You Should Know” – a quick practical life tip like how to use an ATM or apply for a job. Then we’ll laugh (or sigh) as some “TCK Moments” are shared – like the MK who thought there was a sink with soap bar in her porta-potty! Then we’ll review tribe challenges and standings. Finally, hear from and engage with a Trail Guide on the topic of the week. You’ll hear from a variety of TCK experts covering pertinent topics including: telling your story, building relationships with Americans, putting down roots, navigating faith on your own, and so much more.

During the week you’ll connect with your Trail Tribe. This is your small group.  Led by a seasoned MK Caregiver and a young adult TCK who has recently walked in your shoes, your trail tribe is where life on life happens. You’ll update each other on what you’re facing. You’ll also dive a bit deeper in the topic shared at Base Camp. And of course plot your course to make sure your tribe comes out on top in the challenges.

And if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget to check your mail! Fun surprises will show up throughout the weeks.

Join Wayfinder. Join others on this 10 week “Journey into Next.”



Wayfinder Itinerary

Fall 2022: Cancelled

Due to staffing shortages for Wayfinder, we will not be offering the program in 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Location: Our Zoom Platform

When: Sundays 8:30pm EST/5:30pm PST
Plus a mid-week Tribe Talk that works with your schedule

Ages: Those who’ve finished high school this year or last year

Cost: $175
Discounts available from your sponsoring organization (see list to right). Contact them for discount code before registering. 

For more information, contact Interaction International at:

E-mail: office@interactionintl.org
Phone: 630.653.8780


Meet your Guides

Your Trail Guides:
  • Sheryl O’Bryan – 35 years working with TCKs
  • Bret Taylor – Lived in Kenya. 20 years working with TCKs
  • Tammy Sharp– MK, Director of MuKappa
The amazing Trail Talk Leaders:
  • Are you interested in being a Trail Leader? We are looking for MKs aged 20-30 who would like to assist in leading a group. Let us know if you are interested.
Sponsoring Organization Guides:
  • Bob AlberWycliffe/SIL/JAARS sponsor leader
  • Katie HollandMK2MK/Cru sponsor leader
  • Heidi Tolar – SIM sponsor leader
  • Connie Dunn– Antioch Waco


Are you a Caregiver?

We'll Make It Easy!

Interaction International makes it easy for you to help your MKs transition back to the US. Let us provide the major content and structure through Wayfinder. We’ll easily integrate you and your MKs into the program. And best of all, you’ll have the option of leading a “Trail Tribe” (small group) of MKs just from your organization. Continue building those important personal relationships, drive home the content the way you prefer, and give a personal touch in the care packages. All the stuff you love without the the planning and logistics you could go without.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about leading your own Tribe.

Email us at office@interactionintl.org

Email us to be notified when new Wayfinder information is available

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