Encouragement & equipping through your life transitions.

The world is increasingly cross cultural, mobile, divided and in need.

At Daraja we believe that MKs and other TCKs possess powerful potential to bridge differences and serve across boundaries because of the lives they have lived.


Topics include:

Expat transition, Member Care for families/parents/children, and MK/TCK Care Development (Missions, Military, Education, Business, Diplomatic Corps).


Individualized coaching and mentoring for Cross-cultural Transition and Adjustment, Life Direction and Growth (target participant is MK/TCK between ages of 16 to 25).


We offer TCK and Adult TCK focused Speaking & Teaching:

Retreats, Conferences, Seminars on variety of topics including Re-Entry, Transition, Member Care, and MK/TCK Education.

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For more information contact Interaction International at:
Phone: 630.653.8780
E-mail: office@interactionintl.org

Daraja is a Swahili word meaning ‘bridge’ or ‘stepping stones’.

TCKs also face challenges particular to their mobile life and the ‘in between’ cultural experience. We want to be a support and catalyst bridging the transitions of young adulthood to a place where TCKs can lead abundant lives while serving others.

To see the multiplication of Christ honoring, cross-cultural leaders equipped with confidence, calling, and a plan to serve others in the places of the world’s great needs.

Daraja’s mission is to care for, encourage, and equip cross-culture and Third Culture young adults through advocacy, mentoring, training, discipleship, and leadership experiences so that they will engage the world abundantly and responsively for Jesus’ sake.