April 2020: PEO – Online

Pre-Experience Orientation: Online

Due to many CCTECC member colleges closing campus as a precaution related to the spread of the COVID-19, we have canceled the in-person PEO at Lake Placid on April 3-5, 2020. Instead we will be providing the mandatory training online.

Last update: 3/19/2020 at 12:25pm EST

What you need to know

  • 3/12 – Emails were sent to student teachers and member schools announcing the decision to cancel the PEO at Lake Placid and change to an online live training. Watch for more emails with important updates.
  • PEO Training is still required by schools and is not optional.
  • Training will be done via ZOOM. Link to the training can be found in your email. Plan ahead as you may need to download software to your computer for best user experience.
  • Many airlines will give you travel credit if you had to cancel your flight. Potentially it could be used towards your overseas trip.
  • Partial refunds are unlikely due to costs already associated with the venue, presenters and materials.

Remember: Permission for travel and/or approval of your student teaching placement school is always at the discretion of your College/University. When an approved placement has to be canceled, CCTECC will attempt to help find another option but is not required.

PEO Online: What to Expect

While not the same experience, we are endeavoring to make the most out of the lemons we’ve been given.


  • Dress comfy. Wear your slippers if you like!
  • Have snacks and drinks handy. Feel free to munch during the training (just make sure you mute if it’s crunchy food and chew with your mouth closed!)
  • Be ready to participate- there will be snap polls and break out room discussions
  • Find a cool background – Either IRL or grab a white sheet and use the green screen feature to be wherever you want to take us!
  • Look forward to getting to know new friends going on this crazy journey with you. You may meet someone going to your same placement school!
  • Pay attention to the time zones. You may not be on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

How to Prepare for PEO

  1. Please review the resources on the Google classroom before the weekend.  This will give a good background for some of the discussions and may prompt some questions from you during the Q&A on Saturday.  
  2. Please research your school online.  You may find some very useful information about your school at https://www.acsi.org/member-search/index if it is a member of ACSI.
  3. Please review the schedule of the weekend.  Short breaks have been placed strategically in the schedule.  A longer break is scheduled for 4:30-5:30 p.m. EDT on Saturday for you to grab a meal; however, please feel free to have food and drink available throughout the day.  That will not be a problem.

Will I be getting a partial refund? YES!

Like you, we are disappointed that we had to cancel the seminar at Lake Placid Conference Center, but look forward to connecting with you online through Zoom. We know many will wonder if they will get a refund of their CCTECC fees. The answer is… YES! We are happy to inform you that we will be refunding each participant $100 for their canceled room/board at Lake Placid.

In case you were wondering, CCTECC fees don’t cover the full cost. Interaction International actually raises money to subsidize this amount. Here’s what you may not realize about where your CCTECC fees go:

  1. A significant amount of your CCTECC fees goes towards the work involved in obtaining an appropriate placement at the international school. This includes staff salary, international communication, overhead costs, and contacts with your college.
  2. Additionally, a large portion of your fees go towards compensating the various presenters and their travel expenses (which aren’t refundable). These same presenters will be doing the online training with us.

Check your email for instructions on how to request your $100 refund.