Meet Kristi Steele

Meet Kristi Steele

We want you to meet Kristi Steele of KC360–and now Interaction International.  Kristi will join as an adjunct staff member–a role that allows her to work with us while still focusing on her business.  Kristi’s knowledge of college admissions processes and TCKs will be a boon to the families and TCK Caregivers Interaction serves.


Recently Sheryl interviewed Kristi.  We thought you might like to hear a bit of their conversation. and meet Kristi in the process.  She’s super smart and super fun.

The TCK and Interaction International Questions

Sheryl: Where have you lived?  And in which place does your toothbrush currently reside? 

Kristi: The US, Panama, Nicaragua, some summers in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and I’m currently in Alabama.


Sheryl:  That’s quite a variety!  Of all the places you’ve lived, what’s a must-see or do in one of them?

Kristi: The Panama Canal. The story, the challenges to build it,  and the global impact it has daily is amazing. Also the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, AL.

Sheryl: The Panama Canal is on my bucket list!  My great-grandfather helped build it, so it’s a bit of my family history.


Sheryl: In a nutshell, what’s your role at Interaction International?

Kristi:  Supporting students and families as they navigate the college search process.


Sheryl:  That’s such a huge need!  (And great work on making that huge job bite-sized!)What part of that makes you want to get up and get to work in the morning? 

Kristi:  Short answer: students and families!  As a TCK myself, I love engaging with students and families, supporting them, understanding their circumstances-all them so unique-and encouraging them in ways which make sense for their college search.


Sheryl:  I could have used someone like you back in the day–even though I grew up in the States.  What you do is so key! You’ve had your own business, KC360, for a while.  You are rocking this niche, so why partner with Interaction?

Kristi: With Interaction’s long history of TCK support, and my love for TCK’s, it makes sense!

Sheryl: Absolutely!

The More Personal Questions

Sheryl:  Let’s move to some of the more personal stuff that allows us to know you a little better.  Ready?  What podcasts have you been listening to lately?

Kristi: I listen to Jamie Ivey and Ian Morgan Cron (enneagram master) a lot. Self awareness and understanding of others is so critical when you grow up in so many different places. The better I know and understand myself, the better more I am able to focus and understand others.

Sheryl:  I JUST started listening to Jamie Ivey this weekend.  I’m not a huge podcast listener. However, I feel like I could revisit her show.  She asks great questions and has really interesting guests.  I’ll have to try the enneagram one.  That stuff fascinates me.

Kristi:  I think you’ll really like it.  Give it a try.


Sheryl: What are three bucket list places for you to visit?

Kristi: Easy! Venice, Italy, the Grand Canyon, and the Petrified Forest. 

Sheryl:  Oh!  Great choices!

Bucket List

Sheryl: OK–a little twist on that question, what are three bucket list experiences you would like to have?

Kristi: I’d love to visit the historical areas of Washington, DC with my kids (to see it through their eyes), touring and staying at the Downton Abbey Castle, going back to Panama with my kids and parents.
Sheryl: I love those choices–and your inclusion of different family members for different trips.


Sheryl: I have one more question for today–and more for another day.  When going to the movies is a possibility, extra butter or extra salt on your popcorn?

Kristi: MMMM. Butter.

We are so pleased to have Kristi join us!  She brings so much experience advising students and their families on the whole journey to choosing and being accepted by a college.  On top of her professional expertise, Kristi is just a lot of fun.  We’re excited for you to get to know her.  You can get to know her when she visits us on TCK Live this fall.



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