(Archives) Sept 2012 – Abuse

(From the 2012 Archives) Abuse– in all it’s ugly forms. We wish we didn’t have to talk about it. Though progress has been made, it’s a current reality. May we find healing and strength in the stories shared in this issue. Featured articles in this issue include- Wolves Guarding the Lambs (Wes Stafford); Shattered Souls (Paul Young); From a Victim of Missionary Service (Faye West); Children of Sacrifice (Deb Kartheiser); Speak It (Michelle Phoenix); Learning to Live Free (Rachel Mullens); Conundrum of Abuse (Margie Ulsh); Out of the Ashes- A Survivor’s Story (Deborah Turner); From Victim to Overcomer (Minna Kayser); The Worst Day of My Life (Angela Gunn); Men’s Work (w/ Bill Berry); Guarding the Gates (Becky Leverington)

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