March 2023: CCKs and TCKs

Among Worlds March 2023: CCKs and TCKs

This is the last issue of Among Worlds in layout form before transitioning fully to our new website (
In this issue, we’ve chosen to look more closely at the terminology used by and about third culture kids (TCKs), particularly as those terms relate to a broader category called cross-cultural kids (CCKs). And what better way to begin the discussion than with a contribution from Ruth Van Reken herself on “How CCK Came To Be.”

Spotlight Interview with Maddie Thies. Additional contributions from Hannah Clark Maynard, Ina Grace, Iona McHaney Marcellino, Claire Friesen, Cheryl Barkman Skupa, Zoe Krueger Weisel, Mayako Kruger, Christina Hoag, Tanya Crossman, and Katha von Dessien.

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