January 2020- Celebrations: What, Where & How

Celebrations: What, Where & How

In this issue of Among Worlds, we unpack the unique ways the TCK life impacts the ways we celebrate. — from blending our cultures, to the desire to celebrate holidays that don’t exist in our current country of residence. Enjoy some original poetry selections and a spotlight interview with Jessi Vance founder of Kaleidoscope.

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Among Worlds fills a real need by addressing issues that are relevant to adult TCKs (ATCKs) today and it “reunites” them with others of similar experience. Among Worlds will also help parents, educators, and others to better understand the needs and experiences of the TCKs whose lives they are shaping daily.

Each edition tackles a specific issue that is relevant to adult TCKs in a head-on approach that will encourage and empower you as you journey through life.

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