5 Things We Love about Al Gurley

5 Things we love about Al Gurley

5 Things We Love about Al Gurley

5 Things we love about Al Gurley are not difficult to name.  Al currently serves as Interaction International’s chaplain.  He is not new to our organization.  He has been a staff member for decades.  Serving for more than two decades as CCTECC’s (now STAGE‘s) Student Teacher Placement Coordinator, Al was brought on board by his good friend, Dave Pollock.  Before he really knew and understood TCKs, he started serving them.  Get to know Al as you read a few of the reasons the staff loves him.

The Big 5

  1. Al’s relationship with technology – Al is a digital refugee.  He washed onto the shores of digital life without much preparation.  His native land is full of paper, ink, and something resembling lead.  He didn’t ask for the digital revolution.  Nevertheless, Al learns and adapts.  For the last few years much of his work centered around finding student teaching positions for Gen Z in international schools.  Everything digital is not where he feels at home, but he is always willing to learn.
  2. His love for his family.  You don’t have to talk to Al long before you learn something about his family.  He exudes love, concern, and care for his wife, six children, and 18 grandchildren.  Ask him about them.
  3. Helpfulness is part of Al’s DNA.  If you need help with something, Al’s your man.  He willingly gives his time and energy to help where it’s needed.  Currently, helping Jan Friesen learn how to take over the STAGE Placement coordinator position.  Al patiently walks Jan through information about schools where STAGE (formerly CCTECC) placed students.  He has served as a go-between for colleges, student teachers, and international schools for more than two decades.
  4. Al’s perseverance is legendary.  He has kept at the task of placing student teachers around the world for years.  Some student teachers are very easy to place.  They may have a relationship with the school where they want to student teach.  Likewise, they may have a focus that makes them in high demand.  However, others are much more challenging.  Al doggedly pursues school after school after school until he has every student teacher in STAGE placed at a school that meets the needs set forth by their university and the state in which they seek to be credentialed.
  5. Al is a man of prayer.  It’s pretty safe to say that if you’ve had a conversation with Al, you are on his prayer list.  Even before Al became Interaction International’s chaplain, he committed to praying for all of our staff, STAGE’s board members, and the STAGE student teachers.  Consequently, if you have a need for someone to pray for you, ask Al.  He won’t fail to pray for you.  His prayer list is long, and he is faithful to pray through it.

5 Bonus Fun Facts

Bonus:  5 Fun Facts about Al

  1. Al enthusiastically recommends the following books: The Seeking Heart  by Francois Fenelon; The Way of Agape and Be Ye Transformed by Nancy Missler.
  2. He is a huge fan of the TV series The Chosen.
  3. Al prefers his popcorn with lots of butter.
  4. He placed more than 1500 student teachers with STAGE.
  5. Three of his grandchildren are TCKs.y,



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