Our new Devotional for MKs/TCKs available April 2022

Faith on the Move front cover

Our new Devotional for MKs/TCKs available April 2022

Our New Devotional for MKs/TCKs–Faith on the MoveFaith on the Move

Our new devotional for MKs/TCKs–Faith on the Move will be published in early April 2022.  Our team invested many hours pouring into reworking this devotional and we can’t wait to share it with all of our TCK friends and Caregiver friends alike.  Faith on the Move is about to cross the publication finish line, and we’re super excited about it..

Years ago Janet Blomberg wrote the content for Faith on the Move as an email devotional.  Transition Seminar (Transit Lounge) participants received it after their week with Interaction International. Over the past year Bret and Sheryl decided it was time to format it into a physical book for publication,  They want MKs/TCKs to dive into this 30-day devotional as they journey through their cross-cultural transition.

Once they greenlighted the project, Holly, our Office Coordinator, started formatting the content into consistent daily layouts and designs. With the help of many different proof-readers, editors, adult and teen TCKs, it is finally ready to cross the finish line!  This teen devotional for MKs/TCKs is an amazing contribution to the literature available for teens as they cross cultures.

Faith on the Move combines many elements into a short, easy to digest devotional.  Each entry points the reader to a Bible passage and a key verse.  A quote or written prayer prepares the reader for the main points elicited from the passage.  Next, a few paragraphs on cross-cultural life, transition, and aspects of the passage combine to create the reflection portion of the entry.  The day’s reading concludes with questions that personalize the information and challenge the MK/TCK with next steps.

To further tie in with the TCK theme, our new devotional for MKs/TCKs examines the lives of Ruth, Joseph, Esther, and Daniel from the Old Testament as they journeyed through their own cross-cultural experiences.  The wisdom evident in these Old Testament TCKs and Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs) remains applicable to those moving cross-culturally today.

Devotional for MKs/TCKs

Buy a copy of this great devotional for MKs/TCKs.  In fact, buy two–one for yourself and another to give to a teen TCK in the midst of journey through a cross-cultural transition. To learn more about the book or to order, click here!  Special pricing is available for bulk purchases of 10 or more.


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