• Interaction's 5th President Bret Taylor
    Interaction’s 5th President Bret Taylor

    Announcing Interaction International’s 5th President The Board of Interaction International is pleased to announce Bret Taylor as the CEO/Executive Director. Bret has been instrumental in the revitalization of Interaction International […]

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  • MK Caregivers Summit – MKCS 2021

    Register for MKCS here: www.mkcaregivers.org Email MKCS leadership team with questions: contactmkcs@gmail.com   Missionary Kid Caregivers Summit This gathering is for those who are involved in MK care at some level […]

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  • MKCS 2020 Conference (Now Virtual)

    Due to travel concerns, MKCS has been changed from in-person to virtual. Contact MKCS for additional information Updates can be found at www.mkcaregivers.org Email MKCS leadership team with questions: contactmkcs@gmail.com […]

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  • Sharpen the Saw Jump into June
    Sharpen the Saw

    Sharpen the Saw–keeping your tools sharp is so important.  Seamstresses, chefs, and carpenters all know if the blade isn’t sharp, everything will take more effort. Sheryl’s mom owned many scissors.  […]

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