Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the Saw Jump into June

Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the Saw–keeping your tools sharp is so important.  Seamstresses, chefs, and carpenters all know if the blade isn’t sharp, everything will take more effort.

Sheryl’s mom owned many scissors.  There was one pair that was off limits to the rest of the family.  They were sewing scissors, a tool specifically for cutting fabric with ease.  Of course, they were the scissors most easily accessible.  Sheryl often thought, “She’ll never know if I use these to make these few cuts on my craft project.”  She always knew.

Sheryl’s dad kept a whetstone and special oil in drawer in the kitchen.  Dull knives moved into a special place and were off-limits until they met up with the sharpening trio of oil, stone, and dad.  Likewise, her grandfather had a number of different saws.  Frequent use of some made their blades less effective.  They, too, were set aside until they could be sharpened.

Each blade needed different care.  However, the result of an overused blade remained the same no matter its use.  It was harder to use, required more effort, and ultimately was not as safe.

Staff Development

People can be like all these blades.  They need regular attention.  Sharpening needs to happen regularly.  Today we want to raise $6500 to help sharpen our staff’s skills and knowledge.

Often people turn to Interaction for professional development.  Classes like the MK Caregiver’s Training and the training for College Personnel are ways others grow, develop, and keep their tools in tip top shape.  Where does our staff go to do that?

Professional development opportunities for TCK Care and Education exist.  The MK Caregiver’s Summit and the MK Educator’s Summit are annual conferences.  Webinars and online classes also exist to help each of us in our roles.  From online security to child safety to not for profit fundraising–and everything in between–opportunities exist to keep our saws sharp and working in optimal ways.

Interaction International’s staff are spread across 5 states.  We see each other regularly on Skype and Zoom, but it isn’t the same as being together in the same room.  The synergy created from face to face time is invaluable to team building, understanding, and spurring each other on to better work.

Unfortunately, none of these things are free.  You can help us raise $6500 for Staff Development.  Providing funds for travel, for lodging, for learning opportunities, for time together will help us help others.

Today’s video brings you Michael’s interview with Jeremy, a TCK from Fiji.  Listen in as Jeremy talks about his different intersections with Interaction and how important his professional development we provide has been.

After you watch the video, would you give to our Sharpen the Saw fund?  Will you be the one who makes us more useful so we can sharpen others?

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Interaction International
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Jump into June with us!  Jump into TCK Care with us!

Here’s how Jump into June turned out! Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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