Interaction Central office is Relocating!

Interaction Central office is Relocating!

As Michael Pollock has taken the reins of leadership of Interaction International, the central office is moving to Muskegon, Michigan while the office in Carol Stream will remain home to the finance office. Michael is joined in Muskegon by Megan Norton, adult TCK and new assistant director of Daraja.

In the Carol Stream office, the capable Jan Toms will continue as the assistant director of finances, doing the bookkeeping and handling financial transactions. Former executive director, Janet Blomberg, will also remain there returning to her previous position as director of educational services.

The rest of the Interaction staff is scattered around the US. Al Gurley remains the star lead of CCTECC in Houghton, New York. Sheryl O’Bryan heads up TCK Services from Florida. Bret Taylor, Director of Operations will be executing his key role from Waxhaw, North Carolina.

While this geographic multi-point team dynamic is challenging, it seems more than appropriate for Interaction International, as we serve cross-cultural and mobile families, children and individuals. Our expectation is that our team dynamics will also inform our empathy and practice towards our constituents who must overcome distance and culture in their transitions and adjustment.

General business correspondence will transfer to the Muskegon central office in February of 2019. Billing and payment correspondence should continue to be directed to the Carol Stream financial office in Wheaton, Illinois.


Business Office
(Address TBD)
(630) 653-8780

Financial Office
P.O. Box 863
Wheaton, IL 60187


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