Holly’s First Time at Transit Lounge

Holly's First Time at Transit Lounge

Holly’s First Time at Transit Lounge

Holly’s first time at Transit Lounge happened about a month ago.  Read her account of getting there and being there.

Holly’s First Time at Transit Lounge

Ever since I joined Interaction as the Office Coordinator in 2019, Transit Lounge (formerly simply known as Transition Seminar) is the event that stood out the most to me. It’s my job to keep track of all the applications, registrations, forms, and all the back end business that goes into putting on an event like this.

I didn’t end up actually going until this year. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t feel it was right for me.  As a monocultural and a newbie to the world of TCKs, attending such an important and TCK-enveloped event felt like it could get awkward.

I have known several TCKs throughout my life, but I never truly took a deep dive into their world until I joined Interaction’s team. This year, after a couple of years of learning about TCKs, I requested joining the Transit Lounge team. I wanted to see what all my administrative work was culminating into, and to actually meet the TCKs I communicated with and learning about. I’m so so glad I did.

Transit Lounge: The Experience

Transit Lounge was a major breakthrough in my feelings toward TCKs. Hearing their stories and seeing the diverse background of these kids filled my heart to the brim. Their pasts have been so varied. Some absolutely loved growing up overseas, while others experienced trauma and/or pain associated with living cross-culturally, and many knew elements of both. Many of the TCKs I met are wise beyond their years. Many of them exude a quiet strength and resilience even though they’ve been through some horrible things. All of them are just simply a joy to be around.

(Jessi Bullis [far right] and me [far left], with our small group kids from the 4 day program)

This experience has caused me to rethink my expectations for the future, and more seriously consider the path I will take in regards to TCKs. Even if I don’t end up continuing in a professional career involving TCKs, I now know for sure that I want them in my life at all times, whatever that may look like.

The friendships I built with both the kids and staff at Transit Lounge will forever hold an incredibly special place in my heart. I thank God for this experience and for the beautiful souls I was privileged enough to meet. I definitely hope to go again next year.



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