Interaction’s 45th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to us!  Interaction International turns 45 this year!  We are so excited to celebrate!  This is too good to keep to ourselves.  Most of our festivities are still in the planning stage, but there are a few things we know already.  Here’s a peek at what’s to come.

You’re invited to our Birthday Party!

What’s a birthday without a party? What’s a birthday party without cake, balloons, noisemakers, and presents?  It’s not much fun.  If you’ve learned anything about Interaction’s staff beyond their passion for Third Culture Kids and those who support them, you’ve probably realized we love to have fun. Our Birthday Party will last a whole weekend! You can choose which time slot you’d like to attend, throughout June 24th through June 29th. We’ll have two parties each day: one at 8pm EDT and one at 10pm EDT. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss the fun! If you want to be sure to get your party supplies in time, please sign up by June 15th! You can still sign up after that, but you might not get your supplies in time.

Select your time here!

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Club 45 proposed Logo

Interaction International can only do its work because of its financial partners and their faithful giving.  One of our core values is Sustainable Generosity.  Often, we focus on generosity with our programs and publications.  TCK LiveTCK Connect, and Interact are all free.  We provide scholarships for Transit Lounge.  Instead of charging each individual taking the MK Caregiver Training, we charge the team what most would consider an individual price.  However, if we are not attentive to sustainability, our generosity is a flash in the pan.

Club 45 is our anniversary initiative to increase the sustainability part of our core value.  We’re looking for financial partners to join Club 45 in two ways.  New financial partners are welcome to join us and give at least $45 each month for our birthday year.  Current committed financial partners will be invited to give at least an additional $45 each month during this year-long celebration.  Club 45 members will also get a few extra surprises and opportunities during these months of celebration.

Scroll to the top of this page to find the “Give” button, and consider making a donation today!