A Competitive Edge

A Competitive Edge

A Competitive Edge

Are You Looking for a Competitive Edge?

Having a competitive edge at one of Interaction’s upcoming 45th anniversary celebrations will be a good thing!  What’s a birthday party without a game or two?  No fun at all.  Nobody wants that.  In order to help you have a competitive edge, you will want to know some of the following information.

Interaction International was formally founded in 1976.  It grew out of a ministry called Manhattan Youth Services that Dave Pollock started with his friend Jim DiRaddo.  Originally focused on street youth in New York City, Pollock shifted that focus to Third Culture Kids (TCKs).  This term, coined by Dr. Ruth Useem, refers to those who spend a significant part of their developmental years outside of their parents’ culture(s) because of their parents’ choices.  In general, those whose parents are diplomats, international business professionals, international educators, military personnel, and missionaries make up this group.

The Flow of Care

Over the years Interaction International developed many different programs to help meet the needs of TCKs and those caring for them.  Dave Pollock developed the idea of a “Flow of Care,” the idea of caring for TCKs and their unique needs throughout their lives.  This idea is foundational to all Interaction does.


Education is a core component of the Flow of Care.  To that end, Interaction began two very different programs to address educational needs.  The first, Educational Planning, helps parents moving overseas make good decisions about how they will educate their children.  The second, STAGE (Student Teaching and Global Experience, trains and places student teachers at international schools.  As of 2020, more than 1500 student teachers have participated in STAGE, and more than 33% of them have returned to teach at an international school.

STAGE and TCK Connect logosl

Pandemic and Beyond

The Corona Virus-induced pandemic of 2020 brought incalculable and disastrous change to the world.  However, the change it brought to Interaction was largely positive.  Many new programs were born and older programs adapted to online formats. Consequently, in 2020 Interaction International impacted more people than in any other year.

TCK Live, a webcast featuring Interaction Staff and a guest, focuses on useful topics for TCKs, parents of TCKs, and organizational caregivers.  It’s a great time of gaining information in a laid-back format.  TCK Connect, also born of the pandemic, is a Zoom call for TCKs all over the world.  Actually, there are two TCK Connects, one for teens and one for young adults; both are great fun!  Although, not the primary focus of TCK Connect, these gatherings are a chance for Sheryl to wear her tiara while Bret shows off his medal.

There is solid information in this post that will sound really familiar during the party.  So, read to remember and listen well during the party.  That will give you the competitive edge you need to win!  And it is definitely NOT cheating.  It’s simply being well prepared.


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