The Newest Among Worlds is Here!

Among Worlds December 2021 Cover

The Newest Among Worlds is Here!

The newest Among Worlds is here! The December 2021 issue celebrates the expression of TCKness through artistic expression.  Each submission allows us to look at life through the lens of different TCKs.  We get to see a small bit of what they see.  Every piece affords us a new perspective on a TCK’s complicated identity and unique perspective.

Get your own copy of the digital magazine for and by TCKs.  This month you’ll be treated to a visual feast prepared for you by Hannah Matthews, Camille Deniau, Elizabeth Wood, Kadynn Williamson, Malik Dieleman, Katie G., Ellen Michelle Beard, Christine Rasmussen, Kathleen Gamble, Kelly Pickering, Michael Pollock, Yoomee Ko, Marc Curless, and Chozi Ya Chui. There are even some links to music expressing parts of the TCK experience.


Among Worlds.  TCKs.   Artistic expression.  You’ll wish we had a gallery for you to walk through.  This is even better.  It’s portable.


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