TCK Podcasts Featuring Interaction

TCK Podcasts Featuring Interaction

A new podcast was launched this year by Stephen Black called TCK Care. A TCK himself, and currently working with TeachBeyond, Stephen took up this personal project to help the families he’s supporting as they move and raise their kids overseas. Currently based outside of Portland, Stephen’s weekly podcast engages in conversations on the topics of growing up in a mobile and multicultural context. His weekly offerings can be found at or on on the iTunes store (link).

On his premier podcast, Stephen interviewed Interaction’s very own Executive Director, Michael Pollock. Released on January 29th, the 50 minute discussion explores the definition of a TCK in a program appropriately entitled “What is a TCK.” You can listen to that podcast by using this link.

A few episodes later Stephen posted an interview with Interaction’s Bret Taylor. In the the February 26th podcast, Bret shares perspectives on engaging MKs (Missionary’s Kids) in ministry. This 35 minute discussion is entitled “The Heart at the Heart of Ministry” and can be found here.

Interaction wishes Stephen the best of luck as he continues to produce his program. We encourage others to listen in on his growing archive of 6 podcasts.


Photo Credit: Juja Han


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