2024 MK Synergy Access Code



This is an access code for the 2024 MK Synergy. The “Info Hub” includes handouts, videos recordings of most sessions, and resources shared during the conference. When you complete your purchase, you will be able to download a PDF document with the access code and instructions on how to log in. This purchase allows for a single person to have access to the Info Hub. Please purchase multiple access codes for additional people to have access.

MK Synergy happens every third year where MKCS (MK Caregivers Summit) and MKEDS (MK Education Summit) summits join together to cross-pollinate, network, and share resources.  It is our desire that this group will provide a place to network information and to seek to support one another in our various ministries.

Learn more about MK Synergy at www.mksynergy.org 


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